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InterCall for Hangouts allows you to maximize your Google Apps investment by integrating industry leading audio conferencing services with Google+ Hangouts. InterCall for Hangouts is the first audio conferencing service that delivers intelligent on-demand integration and scheduling with Google Hangouts. This solution pairs InterCall’s industry leading Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing platform with your Hangouts to easily receive callers into a conference from an external PSTN line.



  • Easily add audio conferencing information including dial-in numbers and conference codes to your Hangouts invitations with Google Calendar integration.
  • Connect to your meetings via PSTN or Hangouts VoIP.
  • InterCall for Hangouts is agnostic to how the conference owner joins and can operate as a fully functional hybrid conferencing platform, regardless of how the conference owner joins the meeting; via PSTN or Hangouts.
  • InterCall for Hangouts enables customers to use their Reservationless-Plus accounts to invite conference participants using the participant’s PSTN or mobile numbers.

InterCall for Hangouts Features »

Delivering a complete end-to-end solution, InterCall for Hangouts will allow your business to maximize your Google investment, improving your Google ROI with global conferencing services.

  • Barbelling

    Audio barbelling describes the connection between a Hangouts and the hosted conference running on Reservationless-Plus. The barbell will only be established once both a Hangouts meeting and an active Reservationless-Plus meeting are detected as running simultaneously on your respective accounts. When a Hangouts and hosted conference are barbelled, audio from participants on both the Hangouts and hosted conference is passed to all participants.

  • Google Calendar Integration

    InterCall for Hangouts enables you to schedule hosted telephone conferences from Google through a plug-in. This plug-in exists as a Google Calendar gadget and should be used to schedule all InterCall for Hangouts sessions. The Event description field is populated to include your Reservationless-Plus conference details i.e.,  conference code and main access numbers and your global number set).

  • Conference Control and Roster

    Connected through InterCall for Hangouts, you can use it to control PSTN connections to Reservationless-Plus. Attendees have access to the extension to view who is attending the meeting and control their own PSTN connection if joined via this means.

  • Dial Back Join

    InterCall for Hangouts enables you to use Reservationless-Plus to invite conference participants using the participant’s PSTN or mobile numbers. The invited participant is dialed back by Reservationless-Plus (if permitted on the users InterCall account) and joined into the appropriate barbelled conference. Similarly, attendees and the host may dial out to themselves when joining or during a meeting.

InterCall for Hangouts integration with Google Calendar allows you to easily keep track of your meetings and conveniently populate your audio conference details in your invitations.

Benefits of Google Calendar Scheduling

  • Easily start or join meetings from your calendar by clicking on the Join-URL in the meeting invite.
  • Easily add your audio conferencing information, including dial-in numbers, conference codes and URLs, to your Hangouts invitations.
  • International dial-in number lookup for added convenience when traveling or hosting in multiple localities.

Scheduling with Google Calendar

  1. Open an appointment time in your Google Calendar and set your meeting subject, date and start time and select your invitees.
  2. Click the Create Event button and your meeting access information will auto populate into the body of the invite. From here, you can make any necessary additions or modifications.

    You will be prompted to enter your InterCall conference code and leader PIN to schedule your first meeting. This will be remembered for all future Hangouts.

  3. Send the email.

    Get Started in 2 Easy Steps

    Step 1: Install


    Notice: By installing and using InterCall for Hangouts,  you will be charged at InterCall's standard rates for the service, unless you and InterCall have agreed to negotiated rates. You may obtain InterCall's standard rates through your sales or account representative or in some cases through your web account.

    Step 2: Additional Resources

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do I need an InterCall Reservationless-Plus account to download and use InterCall for Hangouts?

    A: No. You do not need a Reservationless-Plus account to download and join meetings with InterCall for Hangouts. However, to schedule, start and host meetings through InterCall for Hangouts, an InterCall Reservationless-Plus account is required. Please note, that if you already have an InterCall account, this may need to be configured to use InterCall for Hangouts. Please contact InterCall support or your account manager for further details.

    Q: Will InterCall for Hangouts work on my mobile device?

    A: Hangouts Extension Applications are not currently supported by Hangouts Mobile clients. However, should you join an InterCall for Hangouts meeting via a mobile device and other attendees are on the web version, you will be integrated with the associated InterCall Reservationless-Plus account and be able to converse with all participants in the meeting.

    Q: Who can I invite to my meeting from InterCall for Hangouts?

    A: When scheduling a meeting, you can add invitees from your address book or manually by typing their email address. When logged into InterCall for Hangouts, leaders can invite additional participants by clicking Quick Invite in the toolbar or directly dialing out to them on the phone.

    Q: Will my invited participants need to use InterCall for Hangouts to join my calls?

    A: No. Participants can have an audio only or Hangouts connection. Participants have the option to join via audio only by dialing in from a landline or cellular telephone. Participants wanting to join via the Google+ Hangouts web interface can also do so by clicking on the invitation link.