Add-On Tools and Technology

Huddle - Online collaboration

Huddle helps people work better together by allowing you to conduct more efficient meetings. And as a result of partnering with InterCall’s world class audio and web services, your meeting functionality and documents are now all in one place.


Best Uses:

  • Create a network of team workspaces
  • Manage projects, teams and relationships online
  • Share ideas, files and information
  • Talk to colleagues and share information in real-time
  • Collaborate and communicate with people globally
  • Use workspaces in multiple languages

Features & Benefits

Huddle also helps organizations to cut their costs and run their business more efficiently. Using Huddle’s secure online workspace for storing and transferring documents, communication and presentations, you’ve eliminated the need for excessive courier expenditures, excess storage capacity and expensive security measures. Improve client satisfaction by minimizing turnaround times for time sensitive materials. Working within your Huddle workspace means you won’t lose customers because you missed a crucial customer request.