Add-On Tools and Technology

Brainshark - Easily create, share and track online and mobile video presentations

With Brainshark businesspeople can easily transform static content, such as PowerPoint® documents, into voice-enriched video presentations that can be accessed anytime from anywhere, including mobile devices. Customers can also obtain extensive viewing details, enabling them to measure the effectiveness of their content.


  • Multiple-user editions
  • Enterprise features and functionality
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting™ gateway
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Best Uses

  • Sales Training: Ensure consistency and decrease costs.
  • Email Marketing: Distinguish yourself from your competitors by including a Brainshark presentation in your next campaign.
  • Prospect Follow-up: A short Brainshark presentation provides more compelling detail.
  • HR Communications: Make benefits announcements easy with on-demand viewing.
  • Create Testimonials: Capture the voice of your most satisfied customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of use for average business person.
  • Add surveys, polls and test questions.
  • Make changes to your presentations any time; changes are reflected instantly.
  • Reach your audience online or via mobile devices.
  • Track valuable data like who has watched, how much, and how they responded to questions.
  • Drastically reduce the cost of sales, marketing and HR communications.