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Web and Video Conferencing

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MeetingCenter web conferencing lets you host virtually any business meeting via the Internet. Its easy, interactive and highly effective. With nothing more than a browser, MeetingCenter transforms your computer into a powerful online meeting forum that integrates the Web and a conference call allowing you to communicate with anyone, anywhere no travel required.

User MeetingCenter for:

  • Product Demonstrations: Conduct a real-time software demonstration to show your product in action.
  • Document Review Meetings: Review and make instant edits to contracts, budget spreadsheets, marketing materials, or website changes with team members.
  • Project Updates: Create a collaborative meeting environment for sharing and developing new ideas amongst your project team.

To see MeetingCenter in action, go to and click on Tour and Live Demo.

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Conference Place

Conference Place has two unique web conferencing environments: Auditorium Place for large, event-type sessions and Web Meeting Place for smaller, more collaborative sessions. These virtual meeting spaces are optimized with tools and features that make it easy for you to present and for your customers to benefit from the web conference no matter what size the group.

Use Conference Place for:

  • Training Programs: Conduct an interactive training and distance-learning program for customers, partners, or employees.
  • New Customer Meetings: Meet with new customers to discuss their rollout plans.
  • Associate Meetings: Lead weekly or monthly recap meetings and discuss new goals and strategies with your employees.

To see Conference Place in action, go to and click on Tour and Live Demo.

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InView Video Conferencing

InView® provides industry-recognized multipoint video conference services, applications, and training to innovative leaders around the world. InView® offers a wide selection of services that may be added to enhance the effectiveness of your video conference meetings including: Continuous Presence (CP); T.120 data sharing; audio add-on; speed matching; and much more. InView’s® experience, expertise, and training programs empower you with the resources necessary to make video conferencing an effective communications tool.

To learn more, go to, where you’ll find information on:

About InView® - Read about the InterCall® - InView® connection, and discover the applications and benefits of video conferencing.

InView® Advantage - learn about the add-ons and options available to enhance the effectiveness of your video conference meetings.

Training and Demos – Sign up for any of InView’s® free video conference training sessions, or let us give you a demo of our service.

Resource Center - access tools that will enable you to calculate travel versus video costs; plan time zones for international video conference events; or read through some of our meeting tips and online PDF’s to further maximize the return on your video conference investment.

Room Rentals - Do you, or one of your clients need to participate in a video conference event, but lack the necessary equipment to facilitate the meeting? InterCall® has established a growing database of more than 9,000 public video conference rooms for rent worldwide, virtually guaranteeing availability in any major city around the globe. InView’s® public room rental program provides a valuable resource for organizations that need to meet and communicate over video.

Click here to access Reservationless-Plus WebSM Enabled Conferencing to change your profile, view usage, and conference default options.

Scheduling & Support

Video Reservations
24 Hour Reservations and Room Rental Scheduling
Tel: 800-603-9402
U.K. Free Phone
Tel: 0800 961 996
International Tel: 706-645-6865

InView® Online Reservations Sign-Up
(Please note that in order to receive your InView Online® user name and passcode, you must first attend an InView Online® training seminar.)

InView® Online Reservations
(You will need to sign up for a user name and passcode to use this option)


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For questions regarding InterCall's conferencing solutions, please contact:
Jill Moyher
National Account Manager
phone: 412.832.0611
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Or call 24 hours/day 800-374-2441 or 706-645-8600

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