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Event Services

InterCall's® Event calls are executed by our most experienced teams and adhere to our most stringent levels of customer service to ensure professionalism, consistency and complete satisfaction. Your Event Call will be assigned an Event Services team which will ensure that all aspects of your call run smoothly. Acting as your event orchestrator, your Account Specialist will make sure that you have all the tools necessary to conduct a great event and ensure the flawless execution of your call on the operational front. He or she will also manage everything from the coordination of your walkthrough 48 hours before the call to providing direction to the Meeting Facilitators as well as managing all of the event’s features and options making sure that you and your guests receive a seamless, smooth event experience.

Here are some key features that enable you to maximize your Event calls:

  • Voice Talent* - Screened and trained Meeting Facilitators provide voice-over quality on your call.
  • Leader-ViewSM* - Via the web, see when participants arrive and prioritize who gets to ask the next question. For more information about Leader-ViewSM, click here.
  • Web Conferencing - Bring the power of visuals and interaction to your conference call via the web.
  • EncoreSM* - Digitally record your call for future playback. The call is retrievable via a toll, toll-free or International Toll-Free (ITFS) number for easy, 24/7 access. For more information about EncoreSM, click here.
  • Event Registration* – A valuable tool that lets you know who plans to attend the call and collects information you request from those attending. For more information about Event Registration, click here.
  • Event Archive* – When you need to archive your web-recorded conferences, Event Archive is the ideal solution. With its branded web interface and simple archive management tools, Event Archive provides an efficient and effective way to maintain a library of your conference events. For more information about Event Archive, click here.
  • Facts CompleteSM*- Your guests’ names, “on-the-line” times, phone numbers and up to four additional pieces of information you select are captured as they dial-in for your event. This list is faxed or e-mailed to you for your reference.

A complete range of enhancements are available to make the most of your Event. Click here for a complete listing of Surround the Call Features.

*Additional charges apply for these features.

For questions regarding InterCall's conferencing solutions, please contact:
Jill Moyher
National Account Manager
phone: 412.832.0611
Global Contact List
Or call 24 hours/day 800-374-2441 or 706-645-8600

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