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Audio Conferencing

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Reservationless-PlusSM gives you on-demand conferencing allowing you to initiate a conference 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without the need to make a reservation. Holding a conference is as simple as dialing a permanent number and entering a conference code.

InterCall's Reservationless-PlusSM service offers a variety of features to customize your conference in addition to providing quick access to your call. Standard options include:

  • Record & Playback*
  • Individual and Group Mute/Unmute
  • Operator assistance if needed
  • Conference Lock
  • Private Roll Call
  • Dial-Out to Participant
  • Reservationless-PlusSM Web

Reservationless-PlusSM can be combined with web conferencing for a web and audio integrated experience that puts you in control of your conference with the click of your mouse. It's easy to get started - simply navigate your browser to All you need is your Owner Number and Web PIN (located on your Welcome Email or Welcome Packet).

* Additional charges apply

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Direct Event

Direct Event offers the customization of a large scale event call with the convenience of automated conferencing. Participants join your conference call by entering a passcode, eliminating the need for an operator to connect them to your event. By streamlining the entry process, Direct Event reduces hold times. Plus you can select from over 40 features to tailor each Direct Event to your business communication needs.

When should you use Direct Event?

  • Host a company-wide quarterly review call and get everyone into the call and up to speed with no delays
  • Use Direct Event Registration before your call and automatically collect information about your attendees as they enter the conference
  • Streamline entry into your conference with permanent Leader and Participant Dial-In Numbers to begin the call quickly and efficiently

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For questions regarding InterCall's conferencing solutions, please contact:
Jill Moyher
National Account Manager
phone: 412.832.0611
Global Contact List
Or call 24 hours/day 800-374-2441 or 706-645-8600

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