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The Rise of the Collaborative Enterprise

Driving Profitable Growth Through Pervasive Collaboration

Whether you're focused on engaging your customers, managing a global team or getting the most out of your supplier relationships, you have a clear stake in successful collaboration.
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And while collaborative achievement has always been a key factor in business, what's different today is the diverse nature of collaboration. The work world is more global, mobile and virtual than ever. You no longer have to rely upon conventional, face-to-face meetings to get business done.

Now, you can collaborate wherever you are, whenever you are available and with whomever needs to be engaged in the conversation.

Welcome to the new era of pervasive collaboration.

As the stakeholders in your highly networked business environment continue to grow, you win through rich communication and effective interaction. Indeed, you win by ensuring all relevant parties can actively participate in the creation of business value (whether it's measured in revenue, process enhancements, team alignment or some other factor).

To thrive as a collaborative enterprise, you have to span the silos and break through the barriers that might otherwise keep you from performing at your best. That won't be easy, but there's no alternative. As recognized companies such as Kroger and Univision have demonstrated, strategic investments in pervasive collaboration are now essential to growth and dynamism.