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The Power of Continuous Access

How Virtual Events and Environments Deliver Business Impact

It's time to reinvent the traditional conference or event—the ones with their set dates and times. Attendees want ongoing, real-time access to people and content, even after the physical event is a distant memory. Enterprises of all kinds have recognized the constraints and limitations of conventional events. They are now seeking new ways to deepen customer relationships, enhance business partnerships and strengthen workforce talent—all opportunities to drive business impact.
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The Power of Continuous Access
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These opportunities are emerging on many levels. One opportunity is to extend or offer an alternative to physical events, conferences, conventions and assorted meetings. But even virtual events—such as webcasts and web conferences—may increasingly be seen as discrete elements in more expansive and persistent virtual environments. At the same time, digital media is becoming increasingly rich and diverse—enabling new types of interaction and engagement.

The vast potential associated with virtual events and environments is sparking the interest of all sorts of groups. It's capturing the attention of marketing leaders seeking new ways to brand their companies, generate leads, launch new products and support channel partners. Training teams are excited to have more personalized, time-sensitive and cost-effective ways to train and develop employees. HR teams see immediate payoffs in terms of recruiting, on-boarding and delivering information about benefits, compensation and corporate policies.

Whatever the application or opportunity for business impact, the challenge ahead will be to design, develop and introduce virtual events and environments that engage audiences in powerful new ways. If your organization is to capitalize on this emerging opportunity, you'll need guidance, best practices and digital platform support to execute on your vision and deliver the business results you seek.