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A Plan For Crisis Management

We hope your business never encounters a crisis, but if it does, do you have a plan to keep your company going? How would your business continue to operate if a hurricane badly damaged your corporate headquarters or production came to a halt at your largest facility?

InterCall's crisis management solutions include audio, web and video conferencing services and online broadcast tools that let you communicate company updates and messages to critical people and teams so you can put your emergency plans into action and keep your business moving forward.


Key Services for Crisis Management

Audio Conferencing

  • Reservationless-Plus—hold your conference call at any time without making a reservation. Additional call management features are available online.

Video Conferencing

  • InterCall Video Conferencing—use video conferencing to meet with crises management teams or to speak 'face-to-face' with remote offices and employees.

Broadcast Services

  • CrisisConnect Online—use our online broadcast tool to send emails, voicemails, recorded or text message to designated people or teams.

  • Voice Broadcast—send a phone message, up to 45 seconds in length and recorded in your own voice, to your employees or clients.

  • Email Broadcast—deliver critical information via email simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of employees, clients or other stakeholders conveying information that will keep them aware of where you are in the crisis resolution process.