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Reduce Travel

Manage Costs and Productivity with Conferencing

Sure, there are some instances when seeing someone face to face is the only way to get your business done, but in many cases, you can accomplish just as much if not more by using InterCall’s audio, web and video conferencing services.
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Everyone Feels the Economic Downturn

If your company is like most around the world, you are tightening the purse strings in response to the current economic environment. Key issues you are probably facing today are:

  • Protecting profit margins and achieving positive cash flow
  • Compensating for increased price of supplies/goods (higher cost of sale)
  • Maintaining productivity with reduced or frozen headcount
  • Keeping loyal employees despite layoffs, frozen salaries other and cost-reduction measures

Create a Travel Reduction Plan

One thing you can control is the hard and soft costs of travel. Having a travel reduction plan can help you manage expenses and improve productivity.

Conferencing limits unnecessary trips and is cheaper than a business trip

  • The average cost for a business trip in 2009 is expected to hit over $1000/person. 1
  • Over half of business travelers admitted that some of their trips were not necessary

Conferencing reduces time at airports and boosts productivity

  • Travelers lose 4-6 hours of productivity per trip2
  • 15% of business travelers surveyed said that business travel made them LESS productive
  • Giving employees more flexibility to manage their work/life balance improves job satisfaction and breeds loyalty