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Corporate Conference Call Solutions

InterCall's corporate conference call solutions are ideal for online meetings and web seminars for sales, marketing, training and IR professionals. Our online meeting and web seminar solutions enable you to connect with your prospects, customers, employees and shareholders. Through our wide variety of services, personal attention and years of experience, we help you connect with your audience and make your remote meetings and online events more personal.
Important Info
  • Sales
    As a sales professional, you are under continuous scrutiny to increase activity and improve close rates, but sometimes even traveling across the city for a sales call is a waste of time, money and energy. InterCall gives you online meeting tools to reach prospects that are across the street or across the country. You can use these tools to shorten your sales cycles by meeting remotely with decision makers to more quickly qualify prospects and close deals in record time.
  • Marketing
    You feel the pressure of delivering successful campaigns, managing deadlines and meeting sales expectations every time you attend a meeting. Whether you’re hosting online web seminars or holding daily project status meetings, you need easy-to-use and feature-rich audio and web conferencing services. InterCall offers more audio and web conferencing services that will help you meet your business objectives.
  • Training & HR
    Corporate training is one of the most important—and often most under-resourced—initiatives within an organization. You understand the importance of quickly ramping up new hires, ensuring existing employees are up to speed on the latest policies and getting customers using your products immediately after purchase. Yet getting this done is a challenge to coordinate and can easily strain what are always limited budgets. InterCall provides audio, web and video conferencing solutions that enable you to deliver informative training sessions to employees, customers or partners at any time, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Investor Relations
    Reaching shareholders, media, analysts and employees is key to showing your company’s value and competitive advantages. InterCall has the tools and services for almost any type of IR communication you need to execute—annual state of the company reviews, M&A announcements, executive, board and analysts meetings, advisory calls and press conferences. And you can be assured that our expert operators will handle your IR calls professionally and flawlessly.


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