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Health Care Conferencing Solutions

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Working in the health care industry involves a lot of communication with physicians, internal teams, vendors, partners and the media. You need to host focus groups and marketing events, conduct training sessions and review projects. InterCall offers a full suite of health care conferencing solutions so you can meet with a geographically dispersed audience—large or small—without spending a lot of money or time out of the office.

By using InterCall’s conferencing services, you can:

  • Train your salesforce on new products and government updates
  • Launch products to physicians, sales teams and the media
  • Address regulatory, international and Medicare issues. Obtain recordings, transcriptions and detailed reports so you have an archive of your conference
  • Ensure greater attendance with InterCall’s confirmation, reminder and meeting information services
  • Save time when targeting the right audience and preparing material by using specialty list procurement and fulfillment services

Medical Industry

Hosting health care marketing events takes a lot of planning, coordination and attention to detail. InterCall offers audio, web and video conferencing services that are ideal for conducting these large-scale seminars online and ensures that they are just as successful as those hosted on-site. You can meet with physicians, trainees and media around the world without leaving your office.