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Reliable and Easy to Implement Collaboration Tools
In a fast-growing and changing industry, adopting advances in technology helps you keep up with increasing demand and changing landscapes. Collaborative care and increased patient outreach help to improve treatment. Improved communication amongst your hospital or physician network, as well as global medical, pharmaceutical and research partners, aid you in providing the best care possible. InterCall’s world-class conferencing and collaboration tools help you stay connected – whether you are a hospital CEO or IT Director, physician or nurse, managing a long-term care facility or a home health care professional.
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Improve Communications and Collaborative Care

  • Announce new doctors, research breakthroughs and advancements to a wide audience
  • Communicate with affiliate network: partners hospitals, research centers, physician offices, clinics
  • Remain secure with HIPAA compliant tools and solutions
  • Make confidential patient records and data accessible from secure mobile devices and platforms

Enhance Care and Patient Outreach

  • Reach more patients faster with virtual follow-ups
  • Hold educational seminars for prospective patients
  • Collaborate virtually on medical cases with key physicians and experts
  • Provide continuing care and best practice education to current and former patients

Keep Staff Trained and Certified

  • Create on-demand training modules to fit a staff’s diverse schedules and needs
  • Educate geographically dispersed audiences on new procedures and techniques with telemedicine
  • Expand continuing education by adding a virtual offering to presentations and speaker events
  • Utilize custom registration and attendance tracking for certifications and compliance audits

Enhance Patient Care and Staff Communication

Meet with anyone, regardless of location, using InterCall's conferencing and collaboration services and solutions.

Audio Conferencing

Never let diverse schedules and varying locations get in the way of meetings. Initiate and join calls from anywhere, to anywhere and at any time with InterCall Reservationless-Plus®. Participants use a dedicated dial-in number and passcode to enter the conference at the designated time. Use InterCall’s MobileMeet™ (for iPhone and Android devices) for easy and quick one-touch access to your calls.

Web Conferencing

Utilize web conferencing to interact with patients more frequently and more efficiently. Meet with key colleagues and partners to review documents, training materials and patient records. InterCall owns its proprietary web conferencing solution, InterCall Unified Meeting, and also offers solutions from industry leading providers such as Adobe, Microsoft and WebEx. Use in conjunction with InterCall audio for a fully integrated virtual meeting.

Video Conferencing

Communicate face-to-face even when hectic schedules and lean travel budgets do not allow. Gather experts and key players in your virtual conference room. InterCall’s video solutions offer face-to-face interactions without having to leave the office. Select from a variety of video solutions to best fit your needs: bridging services, managed services, or our newest offering - cloud-based video services via Blue Jeans Network.


Key benefits:

  • Reduce capital expenses with cloud-based vs in-house services
  • Utilize mobile applications for on the go audio and web conferencing
  • Communicate seamlessly with anyone, from anywhere
  • Provide secure on-demand solutions to a busy and constantly on the go workforce
  • Offer international locations cost-effective options for joining meetings
  • Facilitate face-to-face video meetings when time and expenses do not allow for travel

How you can use conferencing:

  • Conduct virtual check-ups with at-home patients via web conferencing with web cams
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders on educational materials or public relations announcements
  • Expand training by utilizing video conferencing during surgical procedures
  • Easily communicate with global research facilities and public health partners
  • Train hospital, clinic or care facility staff on new procedures and policies
  • Foster collaboration and communication amongst affiliate network

For information on InterCall’s solutions for Health Care, contact

Toll Free: 800-820-5855


Reach Large Audiences with Virtual Events and Trainings

Reach a large and diverse audience with virtual events customized to fit your needs.

Event Audio Solutions

InterCall is the leader in the event audio space. Let our expert event team manage the logistics of your virtual event, allowing you to focus on content and delivery. Customize your call with over 40 features including registration, Q&A, recording and participant reports. InterCall is experienced in working with our health care clients’ public relations firms if necessary to ensure all event aspects are planned and executed successfully.


InterCall Webcast Studio offers a powerful rich media solution that’s easy to use – no downloads necessary – and allows you to reach your audience in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Engage additional audiences by streaming conferences, presentations, and even medical procedures and examinations. Incorporate video, slides and interactivity into your webcast.

Virtual Environments

Let InterCall create a customized virtual environment and take patient engagement and interaction to another level. Provide an online community to house information on departments and locations, doctors, virtual seminars and educational materials. Use the environment not only as an educational portal but as a marketing tool to ensure you are reaching and educating all potential patients.

Web Event Services

Use InterCall web event services to hold informational and prospective patient seminars or facilitate large trainings and announcements. Our experienced staff works with you to plan and execute an engaging and successful event. We take care of logistics and management of the virtual event while you focus on the message and content.


Key benefits:

  • Increase reach and ROI by adding online components to meetings and conferences
  • Reduce venue-related and travel costs by making events and seminars virtual
  • Achieve greater impact with InterCall event management services
  • Keep your diverse staff trained and up-to-date with easily accessible on-demand modules
  • Communicate with multiple language audiences using interpretation services
  • Increase practice awareness and attract new patients with marketing and virtual education

How you can use event services:

  • Stream grand rounds presentations to partner hospitals with InterCall Webcasting
  • Hold virtual education seminars focusing on pain management, weight loss and health education
  • Create custom registration pages to gather key information/statistics from seminar participants
  • Announce new procedures or doctors, medical breakthroughs, new programs and awards
  • Create a virtual environment for increased interaction with past, current and prospective patients
  • Hold online recruiting fairs with virtual interviewing and networking
  • Increase focus on preventative medicine and healthy lifestyle best practices

For information on InterCall’s solutions for Health Care, contact

Toll Free: 800-820-5855


Improve Workflow & Decrease Downtime by Revolutionizing How You Communicate

Implement integrated and mobile communications solutions to improve productivity and ensure your staff is always connected.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

InterCall offers Unified Communications (UC) solutions through West IP Communications (a division of our parent company West Corporation). Unified Communications combine mobility, messaging and presence - along with cloud-based IP telephony and network management - to provide an integrated communications experience.

Cloud-based services include:

Professional Services

Our experts provide consultation and help you evaluate, deploy, and operate UC within your company. Select hosted, managed, on-premise, or hybrid Unified Communications services to best fit your organization’s needs. Along with our own West IP Communications services, we partner with industry leaders to deliver solutions that optimize your existing network and infrastructure, improve efficiency and promote seamless information sharing.


Key benefits:

  • Minimize delays in information and data sharing
  • Improve patient care with more timely communications and responses
  • Manage costs more efficiently by improving workflow and reducing wasted staff time
  • Reduce your IT budget, freeing up money that can be put toward research grants and studies
  • Create process efficiencies to increase productivity and enhance organizational effectiveness
  • Connect quickly and seamlessly regardless of location
  • Promote collaboration and information sharing within secure HIPAA compliant environments

How you can use Unified Communications:

  • Transition seamlessly between mobile and land technologies while on the go— from a patient’s room, to an office, to the operating room
  • Quickly access information from any location: hospital, physician office, research facility, home office or long term care facility
  • Integrate all of your communications needs: voice, data, video and mobile platforms
  • Utilize West IP Communications MPLS delivered cloud-based integrated platform for collaborative, secure and efficient mobile communication
  • Rollout Microsoft® Office 365 for cloud-based HIPAA compliant emails, calendars, collaboration and file sharing
  • Implement Cisco Jabber and WebEx for secure telemedicine communication

For information on InterCall’s solutions for Health Care, contact

Toll Free: 800-820-5855