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Conferencing and Unified Communications Solutions for Government

Secure, Reliable and Cost-effective Communications
In the midst of economic and budget uncertainties, government agencies need dependable, scalable tools for mission critical communications. InterCall, the largest conference and collaborations service provider in the world and a leading provider of global cloud-based unified communications services, offers a full suite of services to meet your requirements.
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Instant ROI

  • Eliminate software and equipment expenses
  • Reduce travel budget and demands
  • Avoid costly system upgrades
  • Leverage GSA Schedule 70 contract prices

Create Operational Efficiencies

  • Implement cloud-based communications
  • Meet and collaborate across national and international borders
  • Communicate planned or emergency messages using reliable systems
  • Increase productivity with improved staff availability

Communicate with Confidence

  • Trust in the industry standard for conferencing, collaboration and communication
  • Meet ISO 27002 compliance
  • Instill confidence with secure, scalable and redundant architecture
  • Protect access with secure user control authorizations

Collaborate with Remote Staff

Use InterCall's conferencing and collaboration suite to meet, train and keep everyone on the same page—no matter where they are in the world.

Audio Conferencing

Whether it’s a routine internal meeting or an important interagency conference, InterCall Reservationless-Plus® is available anytime, anywhere and delivers on-demand service without a reservation. Participants use a dedicated dial-in number and passcode to enter the conference at your scheduled time.

Web Conferencing

Show people what you are talking about and see who's talking using online meetings. InterCall offers a proprietary web conferencing solution, along with services from other leading providers. No matter which solution you choose, we combine it with our audio conferencing service to offer a truly integrated meeting.

Video Conferencing

Facilitate interaction and achieve greater impact with InterCall Video Conferencing, which provides multi-point video bridging with the option of operator assisted or reservationless video conferencing. Meet face-to-face or create and broadcast high-quality presentations with the latest video and multimedia technologies.


Key benefits:

  • Reduce capital expenses and deliver scalable communications models with cloud-based services
  • Verify communications with access to detailed usage reports
  • Gain instant feedback with secure FTP (document sharing)
  • Save critical time and money with conferencing management tools
  • Create a collaborative teleworker environment
  • Provide instant language translation to facilitate communication around the world

How you can use conferencing:

  • Deliver emergency communications
  • Collaborate for status updates
  • Rollout process and systems training
  • Conduct remote training
  • Host virtual face-to-face meetings
  • Facilitate team interaction

For information on teaming solutions and other custom solutions contact

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Deliver Rich, Online Training

Deliver streaming and virtual environments with InterCall Event Services, which are designed for large audiences and maximum engagement.

Event Audio Solutions

For your very large or important calls, InterCall brings everyone together in one seamlessly planned, managed and executed event with the assistance of our expert operators. You can also access special functions like Q&A, recording, translation or transcription.


Use this highly customizable and powerful rich media application to reach remote agencies or constituents with high-quality video and audio broadcasting, while taking advantage of features like Q&A Management and the added benefit of full integration with mobile technologies. InterCall Streaming Services are web-based, secure and require no additional hardware or software.

Virtual Environments

Easily build and customize a virtual environment for trade shows, marketing, recruiting and training. With our platform, attendees are greeted by a virtual host and can view sessions, ask questions, chat, network and view and download supporting material. The attendee interface is designed for ease-of-use and a high level of attendee engagement.

Web Event Services

Let InterCall handle all of your event needs, from consultation and scheduling to training and support. InterCall does all of the hard work for you, including planning, rehearsals, presentation uploads, live moderation, Q&A management, post-event speaker debriefing, report delivery and live event support. Additionally InterCall offers on-demand file management and quick-turn event management for those who have 24 hours or less to create an event.


Need assistance with your event?
Our experts are available to help so you can focus on your message, not the technology. Contact us at

Toll Free: 800-255-0746
Toll: 706-758-1911   

Key benefits:

  • Reduce costs of bringing together thousands of people
  • Minimize redundant work with archived data and communications
  • Deliver effective and impactful content by broadcasting video
  • Provide instant language translation to facilitate communication around the world

How you can use event services:

  • Conduct training sessions with people around the country or world
  • Host town hall meetings with citizens or other agencies
  • Hold online recruiting fairs
  • Offer virtual trade shows
  • Conduct virtual briefings

For information on teaming solutions and other custom solutions contact

Toll Free: 800-255-0746
Toll: 706-758-1911

Increase Productivity & Efficiency by Transforming the Way You Communicate

Define, select and deliver integrated solutions that keep your staff connected whether they’re on the road, at their desk or in another country.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

InterCall offers Unified Communications (UC) solutions through, West IP Communications, a division of our parent company. The services combine conferencing, messaging, presence and mobility along with cloud-based IP telephony and network management, to provide a truly integrated communications experience.

Cloud-based services include:

  • Network Management—network infrastructure, network management, QoS management, unified threat management
  • Voice & Telephony—telephony, SIP trunking, mobile integration, contact center
  • Messaging & Presence—IM and presence, voicemail, voicemail to text/email, fax
  • Conferencing & Collaboration—full suite of web conferencing tools, video conferencing and best-in-class audio conferencing

Professional Services

Work with our experts to help you plan, enable and operate UC within your agency. We can help you select hosted, managed, on-premise or hybrid UC services for your specific needs. We partner with industry leaders to deliver solutions that optimize your existing network, improve productivity and save money.


Key benefits:

  • Unify conferencing, collaboration, messaging, presence, voice and telephony into a single, comprehensive platform
  • Decrease costs by reducing travel, IT and communications expenses
  • Increase productivity by creating process efficiencies
  • Foster team collaboration with secure telecommunications environments
  • Connect quickly and easily with co-workers or contractors
  • Meet government objectives by enabling teleworking
  • Deliver instant and fully scalable communication solutions leveraging cloud-based UC

How you can use unified communications:

  • Transition between mobile and land technologies while on the go—never miss critical information
  • Escalate conversations from IM to web conferencing with seamless integration
  • Leverage presence to identify key team member availability during emergency or scheduled government needs

For information on teaming solutions and other custom solutions contact

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Toll: 706-758-1911