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Finance Communication and Collaboration Solutions

Effective Client and Stakeholder Communication Modes

Competing in the financial services industry is more demanding than ever. Excellent customer engagement, seamless business processes and an increased bottom line help you stand apart from the competition. Complying with complex reporting requirements and managing expectations of investors, regulators and key stakeholders is more challenging than ever. Utilizing cost-effective technologies and communication modes helps you overcome these challenges. InterCall’s easy-to-use collaboration solutions allow your company to communicate seamlessly and more frequently with colleagues, stakeholders and customers. Regardless of location, teams can work together and with clients to achieve faster results, experience improved client satisfaction, and meet higher revenue expectations.
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Strengthen Customer and Employee Relationships

  • Enrich client relationships with increased interaction and communication
  • Quickly execute time-sensitive communications to high-net worth clients
  • Communicate more frequently with remote and branch located employees
  • Enhance employee collaboration with top-of-the-line virtual meeting tools

Meet the Demands and Expectations of Regulators and Shareholders

  • Report quarterly financials professionally and securely with operator assistance and detailed call management
  • Flawlessly execute high-touch calls such as state-of-the-company reviews, earnings releases and M&A announcements to global, multi-language audiences
  • Strengthen and maintain relationships with shareholders, media and investors
  • Trust InterCall, the choice solutions provider to Fortune 100 financial companies

Communicate with the Utmost Confidence and Security

  • Monitor your audience with call management tools: approved participant lists, optional security codes, conference lock features and online management portals
  • Implement hosted telephony for secure and scalable fixed and mobile communications
  • Review contracts, presentations and confidential documents virtually and securely
  • Experience complete redundancy with disaster recovery and survivability solutions

Enhance Customer and Employee Communication

Meet and collaborate with anyone using InterCall's easy-to-use conferencing services.

Audio Conferencing

Easily initiate and join meetings regardless of your location. Meet with colleagues and clients with InterCall Reservationless-Plus®. Participants use a dedicated dial-in number and conference code to join a conference at the designated time. Utilize InterCall Unified Meeting® to securely manage your call and join your meeting with only one click. Take advantage of InterCall’s Mobile Apps to easily join any InterCall conference from your mobile phone.

Web Conferencing

Use web conferencing to review presentations as well as conduct remote trainings and policy reviews. Make meetings more efficient and effective by sharing reports and presentations. Utilize Unified Meeting® 5 to not only manage your audio calls, but to also bring up documents at a moment’s notice. InterCall also offers web conferencing solutions from industry leading providers such as Adobe®, Microsoft® and Cisco WebEx. No matter which tool you choose, InterCall Reservationless-Plus fully integrates, providing you and your participants with a complete meeting experience.

Video Conferencing

Communicate face-to-face when busy schedules and tight budgets do not allow for travel. Bring together multiple offices, locations and branches for kick-off announcements and trainings. InterCall’s video solutions allow for face-to-face like interactions without having to leave your desk. Select from a variety of video solutions to best fit your needs: bridging services, managed services or cloud-based video services via Blue Jeans Network.


Key benefits:

  • Easily communicate with anyone, from anywhere
  • Improve customer satisfaction by enhancing client communication
  • Seamlessly and quickly connect key players in urgent situations
  • Reduce capital expenses with cloud-based vs. in-house services
  • Facilitate face-to-face video meetings when logistics and budgets do not allow for travel
  • Utilize MobileMeet to store an unlimited number of meeting profiles, then join those meetings with just one tap

How you can use conferencing:

  • Virtually review new policies and processes with branch-based employees
  • Expedite meetings with international key players by using video conferencing rather than travel
  • Train client company employees on 401K plans via web conferencing
  • Utilize IUM as a call manager tool to ensure your meetings are secure
  • Facilitate trainings without taking employees out of the office
  • Communicate more frequently and more impactfully with high net worth clients via Blue Jeans
  • Meet face-to-face with analysts and fund managers via video conferencing.

Hold Professional and Secure Virtual Events

Reach large audiences for trainings, all-hands meetings and timely current events calls.

Event Audio Solutions

InterCall is the global leader in the event audio space. Hold large department or companywide meetings as well as smaller formal calls that require the utmost attention, security and professionalism. Customize your event audio call with over 40 features including recording, approved participant list, call management, archiving, transcription and participant reports. Enhance your business development and marketing efforts with invitation-only virtual events.


Easily and cost-effectively reach large audiences by holding trainings and company-wide town halls via webcasting. InterCall Webcast Studio (IWM) offers a rich media solution that’s easy to use and allows your audience to both watch and listen from a computer. IWM is completely web based, so no downloads are needed and bandwidth issues are eliminated. Especially for customer-facing events, impress your clients and prospects by incorporating video and interactivity into your webcast.

Virtual Environments

Take company recruiting to the next level with your own Virtual Environment. Invite prospective candidates to your virtual recruiting fairs where they can learn about your company, chat with HR representatives and company staff as well as listen to keynote speakers. Also use your virtual environment to enhance training and create an online community for your company’s employees.

Web Event Services

Use InterCall Web Event Services to conduct large training classes and initiatives as well as hold company-wide events when adding a visual is beneficial. Our experienced and professional staff works with you to customize, plan and execute your engaging web event. We take care of logistics and management of the virtual event while you focus on the message and content.


Key benefits:

  • Hold virtual events to increase client communication and satisfaction
  • Bring all branch locations together without the time or expense of travel
  • Take a white glove approach to executive and high net worth client meetings and events
  • Utilize webcasting to reach large audiences while keeping costs down
  • Conduct effective and interactive virtual trainings
  • Enhance recruiting efforts and hiring practices

How you can use event services:

  • Hold all-hands meetings to kick off sales contests and incentive programs
  • Facilitate large trainings on regulatory and policy updates
  • Execute timely and customized white-glove events for high net worth clients
  • Hold marketing-sponsored product-specific investment client education events
  • Enhance marketing efforts with exclusive invitation only virtual events
  • Conduct virtual recruiting fairs to broaden your candidate pool, all while minimizing cost and maximizing ROI

Increase Productivity and Improve Response Times

Deploy integrated solutions that streamline communications, improve sales performance and reduce business delays.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Unified Communications combines mobility, messaging and presence, IP telephony, network management and security to provide an integrated communications experience.

Cloud-based services include:

Professional Services

Our experts provide consultation and help you evaluate, deploy and operate UC within your organization. Select hosted, managed, on-premise or hybrid Unified Communications services to best fit your company’s needs. Along with our own solutions, we partner with Cisco and Microsoft to deliver services and solutions that optimize your existing network and infrastructure as well as improve efficiency and productivity.


Key benefits:

  • Experience operational efficiency
  • Spend less time on infrastructure management and more time on strategic IT initiatives
  • Lower costs while bringing – and keeping – technology current
  • Improve business processes and sales performance with presence indicators
  • Manage costs more efficiently by improving workflow and reducing wasted time
  • Improve customer support and response times
  • Lower facility and staffing costs

How you can use Unified Communications:

  • Integrate all of your communications needs: voice, data, video and mobile platforms
  • Improve response times with voicemails as email attachments via Mobile Connect
  • Transition seamlessly between mobile and land technologies while on the go – while remaining accessible via a single number
  • Ensure technology is always up-to-date with cloud-based, hosted services
  • Protect the company from interruptions and experience complete redundancy with integrated DRS (Disaster Recovery & Survivability) solutions
  • Leverage an MPLS delivered cloud-based integrated platform for collaborative, secure and efficient communication

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