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InterCall Webcast Studio delivers the most engaging webcasting platform, boasting advanced customization options, improved platform stability and support, integrated content management features and a comprehensive user interface.

InterCall’s user-proven platform features unparalleled streaming video, animated presentation content and live interactive chat and Q&A, making it the virtual platform of choice for Fortune 500 companies, major medical and pharmaceutical organizations, education agencies and professional associations around the world.


Interface Options

  • Streaming Slides

    Webcasting Icon Show online PowerPoint® slide presentations in the event console. Traditional audio conferencing is used for participants to listen to the event.
  • Streaming Audio

    Audio Icon Broadcast an audio feed without showing slides or video in the attendees' console. An audio stream can be reserved ahead of time. If the call is recorded, it can be posted as a stream after the live conference.
  • Audio with Slides

    Webcasting InterfaceSimilar to audio streaming, but with the addition of PowerPoint slides in the event console. Participants can hear the audio portion through their computer speakers and view the presentation online.
  • Streaming Video

    Video Streaming IconBroadcast a video feed without showing slides in the attendees' console. A video stream can be live or pre-recorded originating from a presenter's web cam, on-site video crew or full video production studio.
  • Video and Slides

    Video Streaming SoftwareSimilar to video streaming, but with the addition of PowerPoint slides in the event console. Participants can view both the video and slides through the streaming interface.

Features & Specs

  • 100% Adobe Flash

    Works on all operating systems (Mac, PC and Linux) and in all current browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera).
  • Live or On-demand Audio and Video

    A richer virtual presentation experience allowing for an incomparable level of user engagement.
  • Customizable to Meet Your Needs

    Make your event look like yours with customizable branding, interface configurations and a whole host of other options to make your event a success.

  • Custom Branding

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  • Media Window

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    • Interactive Slide Display

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    • Live and On-demand Polling

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    • User Interactivity

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    • Optional User Modules

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    • Integrated Registration

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    • Post-event Tests and Surveys

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    • Presentation Archives

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    • On-demand Navigation

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