What is a Webcast?

Important Info

Webcast Definition

A webcast is an event and related content that is streamed online to allow people to attend and experience your event from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Think of a webcast as live broadcasting via the internet. Therefore, the streamed content doesn’t need to be downloaded or saved by the attendees.

What is Webcasting Used For?


Ways to Use a Webcast

  • Marketing Webinars

    From product launches to fashion shows, as a marketing professional, you can take advantage of live and on-demand streaming video services to reach global audiences for less money. Custom interface branding and event service expertise mean corporate communications that truly hit the mark. Inform and entertain with simply a click.
  • Investor Relations

    Your Tokyo-based CEO joins your London-based CFO, without either one leaving their desk. Participants from around the globe see first-hand how your company leverages technology to make the most of their budget, while interacting with polls, charts and detailed financial information like never before.
  • Training and Development

    Present live, take questions and issue polls, give quizzes and surveys, provide detailed notes, and even leave the archived class online for those who missed it. This is the new training paradigm for the global classroom. Your company can train your sales teams while colleges can educate students around the world, all using live streaming to better engage your audiences’ needs, wherever they may be.
  • Town Hall Events

    The president of your Fortune 500 company takes the stage at the Chicago headquarters to present before a room of local coworkers. Offices in São Paulo, Paris and Shanghai all take part by gathering in local conference areas to view the presentations on projection screens. Questions are streamed in from all corners of the globe without a single flight or unnecessary travel day out of office. Cost-effective, interactive and informative—an international solution for international professionals.
  • Human Resources

    Your company is spread across several U.S. cities, with additional employees working remotely from around the country. Introducing new employee programs, insurance options and company policies via webcasting presentations saves significant time and money, while providing employees an easy resource for frequently asked questions.