Web Event Services

If you're short on time and resources or just want some extra assistance to make sure your event is flawless, InterCall's expert event services team helps you plan, conduct and wrap-up your seminar so you can focus on your message.

Web Event Services and Managed Events
Our Web Event Services team is here to help. Call us at 800.374.2441.
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Before, During and After Your Managed Event...

At the moment you schedule your meeting, InterCall's specialized events team begins helping you plan and execute every detail.

  • An event manager reviews your objectives and, if necessary, recommends additional services.
  • After the consultation, in-depth rehearsals and checklist reviews take place to make sure everyone knows what to do and when.
  • During your web event, expert-level operators monitor the meeting, greet participants, introduce speakers and manage Q&A.
  • Afterwards, we coordinate all follow-up activities, such as setting up the archive of your event, delivering transcription files and accessing participant reports.

Event Packages

From recommending appropriate features and conducting rehearsals to monitoring the live event and gathering report information, our dedicated specialists work with you, ensuring a more professional and successful managed event.

InterCall offers flexible solutions to meet your needs:

  • Marketing: conduct online lead generation seminars or launch new products to media and analysts.
  • Training: provide interactive training sessions for employees, partners and customers.
  • Corporate Communications: deliver important company-wide announcements or interdepartmental conferences.
  • Investor Relations: execute quarterly earnings calls with investors, analysts and media.
We have event packages with features and services designed to meet your needs.