Unified Meeting 5


A Simple Way to Have Online Meetings

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Important Info

Click to Schedule

Unified Meeting 5 is Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, one click adds all your meeting information to your invite. If your schedule changes, connection information is carried over – no new connection details required.

Click to Start and Join

  • One click from your meeting invitation, desktop icon or smartphone starts your meeting.
  • One click from your meeting invitation and participants are dialed out to join the meeting – no special codes needed, no plug-in required.
  • Forgot someone? With one click you can dial out to a missing participant or send them an instant invite.

Click to Control

  • One click to mute/unmute participant lines to control the unwanted background noise you can see online.
  • One click to lock/unlock meeting room door for greater meeting security
  • One click to dismiss unwanted participants or to end the meeting.
  • One click to initiate a synchronized audio and visual recording

Click to Share

When needed you are one click away from sharing and showing content with your participants. Share your desktop, a specific file or part of an application without having to email or upload it ahead of time.