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Unified Meeting® 5 makes meetings easier to manage, more effective and productive. Below are frequently asked questions about how to use this web based meeting tool.

  1. What is Unified Meeting 5?
  2. How many people can join Unified Meeting 5?
  3. Which operating systems can you use with Unified Meeting 5?
  4. Where can I download Unified Meeting 5?
  5. Do I need an InterCall account to download and use Unified Meeting 5?
  6. What languages does Unified Meeting 5 currently support?
  7. Which audio accounts does Unified Meeting 5 support?
  8. Where do I find my Unified Meeting 5 login and password?
  9. Which browsers are supported by Unified Meeting 5?
  10. What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?
  11. How can I use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with Unified Meeting 5?
  12. Is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) supported in my country?
  13. Due to security concerns, my company uses a firewall that does not allow traffic through certain ports. Will I still be able to use VoIP?
  14. How do I send a meeting invitation?
  15. How do I join a meeting as a participant?
  16. What types of reports are available with Unified Meeting 5?
  17. How do I start a meeting as a leader/moderator?
  18. How do I start an instant meeting?