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Unified Meeting® 5 makes meetings easier to manage, more effective and productive. Below are frequently asked questions about how to use this web based meeting tool.

  1. What is Unified Meeting 5?
  2. How many people can join Unified Meeting 5?
  3. What technology/infrastructure is needed to support Unified Meeting 5?
  4. What are the system requirements?
  5. Where can I download Unified Meeting 5?
  6. What is the Desktop Icon?
  7. How do I start an Instant meeting?
  8. How do I invite people to an Instant meeting?
  9. Can I schedule Unified Meeting 5 meetings directly from my Outlook Calendar?
  10. How do I start a Scheduled meeting?
  11. How do participants join a Scheduled meeting?
  12. How do participants connect to the phone portion of a Unified Meeting?
  13. Is my meeting encrypted?
  14. What is application sharing?
  15. Can I annotate a presentation or shared application?
  16. What types of reports are available with Unified Meeting 5?
  17. What recording capabilities does Unified Meeting 5 have?
  18. How do I make my recorded meeting available to others?
  19. Can I still get operator assistance on a conference managed through Unified Meeting 5?