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FREE Online Training

InterCall provides free training programs on the basic and enhanced features of WebEx Training Center.

We recommend you participate in the WebEx Training Center classes in the following, sequential order:

  1. Managing Your WebEx Training Center Account—This is a great session if you are responsible for scheduling WebEx Training Center sessions. We will walk you through all aspects of managing your account.
  2. WebEx Training Center Facilitator Training—If you facilitate WebEx Training Center sessions and would like an introduction to the basic features, this is the course for you.
  3. Interactive WebEx Training Center Features—If you facilitate WebEx Training Center sessions and would like to learn how to use the product's more advanced, interactive features, we recommend this course.
  4. Cisco WebEx Solutions—For advanced users, learn how to record events and create multimedia presentations.

Delivery Methods

Live, Instructor-led

Expert trainers lead interactive demos and provide hands-on opportunities to practice.