Cisco WebEx Training Center


Make the Most of Online Training

Important Info
WebEx Training Center is an online training solution that offers a wide range of features to keep you connected.
  • Integrated Audio Controls

    Control your Reservationless-Plus audio conference from within the WebEx Training Center interface.
  • Information Sharing

    Leverage existing information by sharing multiple documents and demonstrating how-to-use applications by sharing and annotating on them in real time. Permissions-based remote control lets learners try it themselves.
  • Hands-On Lab

    Optimize existing infrastructure investments and reinforce learning with hands-on activity by connecting remote learners with remote computers, applications and simulations during a live online training session.
  • eCommerce

    Schedule fee-based live sessions and post fee-based recorded sessions. Attendees can pay using a credit card or by using a coupon code that you generate and provide for their use.
  • Breakout Sessions

    Promote active learning by conducting multiple, simultaneous small group, collaborative activities. Trainers can “walk around the room” and see how each group is doing.
  • QuickStart Screen

    Get one-click access to the most commonly used session features such as Presenting a Document, Sharing an Application and Sharing Your Desktop.
  • One-Click Meetings

    Start meetings and effortlessly bring decision makers together with just one click.
  • Scheduling Templates

    Save meeting options and settings in a template for quick access to schedule a meeting. You can save templates within the Quick and Advanced Scheduler to shorten the steps required to schedule your meeting.
  • Advanced Scheduler

    Quickly walk through the steps of scheduling a meeting.
  • Quick Scheduler

    Schedule a meeting in a few short steps with the Quick Scheduler. Simply choose from one of your saved meeting templates and indicate additional key meeting details. In situations where you need to edit certain meeting features you can easily access the Advanced Scheduler for additional options.
  • Multimedia Training Content

    Engage your learners with PowerPoint animations and transitions, as well as complex multimedia objects such as Flash, 3D objects and streaming media.
  • Instant Feedback

    Gain valuable feedback by visually depicting individual responses to trainers’ verbal questions.
  • Q&A

    Boost interaction with a threaded Q&A feature that identifies learner questions and corresponding responses.
  • Multiple Panelists

    Increase training staff productivity by enabling multiple trainers to collaborate on sessions from different locations.
  • Video Integration

    Allow learners to see you during a live session using a web camera.
  • PowerPanels

    Customize your meeting view by opening, closing and resizing PowerPanels to track attendee activity, respond to questions and review poll results,
  • Floating Icon Tray

    Float your PowerPanels over your content viewer when in full screen view to get access to essential session functions and tools. The tray also allows you to seamlessly switch between sharing modes.
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

    Use the integration with Microsoft Outlook to streamline scheduling processes.
  • Testing and Grading

    Assess comprehension, automatically track an individual’s performance and share correct answers within a session. Leverage web-based testing libraries for comprehensive pre- and post-session training.
  • Polls and Surveys

    Measure session effectiveness and gather feedback for future sessions.
  • Registration and Reporting

    Simplify session registration and easily track attendance.
  • Record and Playback

    Record live training sessions for future reference. Recordings can be streamed within a live session or uploaded for learners to play back at their convenience.

WebEx Training Center On-Demand

WebEx Training Center On-Demand is an add-on feature that allows you to create high-quality asynchronous multimedia training presentations. Using common business tools you’re already familiar with, such as PowerPoint and the web, WebEx Training Center On-Demand enables you to produce powerful content without needing expert assistance.
  • Enhanced Recorded Sessions

    Repurpose WebEx recorded sessions (.wrf) into on-demand presentations for Windows Media playback on a viewer-friendly interface.
  • Integrated On-demand Testing

    Incorporate tests in recorded sessions or in on-demand presentations.
  • Attendance and Duration Tracking

    Track when and how long learners watch recorded sessions or on-demand presentations.
  • Course Materials

    Attach relevant documents and course materials to recorded sessions or on-demand presentations.
  • Search and Access

    Rapidly search and access training content within recorded sessions and on-demand presentations.
  • Simplified Integration

    Seamless integration and workflow between live and on-demand solutions.