Cisco WebEx Support Center

A solution for online technical support

Diagnose and resolve technical issues remotely.
  • Diagnose and problem solve
  • Apply patches and updates
  • Retrieve data files for in-depth analysis
  • Access and install new applications

Support center image

Support center image

Support center image

Important Info

Key Benefits

  • View and control a user’s desktop
  • Initiate a session with Click-to-Connect support access
  • Set up WebEx WebACD automatic request routing
  • Support multiple customers with the Multi-Session rep console
  • Reduce your support costs

Ways to Use 

WebEx Support Center for Your Customers

WebEx Support Center for your customers makes it easy for them to initiate a session with Click-to-Connect using a button on your web site, product or email signature. In addition, give customers the option to request a callback and show them the estimated wait time.

WebEx Support Center for Technicians

WebEx Support Center for technicians allows them to view and control another user’s desktop. Drag and drop files to and from a user’s system to apply a patch or update. Sign on to their machine as an administrator to access and install new applications.

WebEx Support Center for Technician Managers

WebEx Support Center for technician managers provides WebACD Queue Manager and Dashboard enabling you to set up queues with rules-based routing, by available or skill set. Distribute a large number of requests by allocating to sub-queues by percentage. Monitor all sessions and agent activity at both the queue and TSR levels.