Cisco WebEx Support Center


Get the Most from Customer Support Conferencing

Important Info
WebEx Support Center, a customer support conferencing solution, offers a wide range of features to provide online technical support.
  • Two-way Desktop and Application Control or View

    View or control a customer’s desktop or let a customer view or control your desktop. You can each selectively share applications to maintain privacy.
  • File Transfer

    During the session, easily transfer files to and from a customer’s system to apply patches and updates or retrieve customer data files for in-depth analysis.
  • Administrator Login

    Sign on to a customer’s machine as an administrator to access and install new applications and perform other activities that require administrative privileges.
  • Session Recording and Editing

    Record sessions for archival or training purposes.
  • Remote Printing

    Redirect printouts from a customer’s printer to a local printer for off-line analysis.
  • Integrated Video

    Stream live video to personalize or enhance support.
  • Scale to Fit

    View the customer’s desktop without scrolling to speed up the support process.
  • Floating Control Panel

    Access all session controls during desktop or application sharing without obstructing the view or switching screens.
  • Call Escalation

    Instantly bring subject matter experts into a session when needed.
  • Chat

    Communicate easily with customers and other technical support members during a session.
  • Transfer and Conference

    Transfer calls or conference in other team members for faster resolution.
  • System Information

    Collect, print and save system information for future reference.
  • Annotation

    Mark up the screen to better explain and solve issues.
  • Persistent Reboot

    Allow a customer to join the same session even if they needed to reboot their computer.
  • Firewall Friendly

    Work through most firewalls without opening additional ports. WebEx Support Center operates through standard http and https ports.
  • Post-session Survey

    Survey customers at the end of sessions and use data to effectively enhance your customers’ experience.
  • Management Reporting

    Measure help desk and call center statistics. Information includes number of sessions, session time and session feedback to track and improve performance.

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