Cisco WebEx Meeting Center


Make the Most of Online Meetings

Important Info
WebEx Meeting Center is an online meeting solution with a wide range of features to keep you connected.
  • Integrated Audio Controls

    Control your Reservationless-Plus audio conference from within the WebEx Meeting Center interface.
  • Document Sharing

    View PowerPoint presentations, documents or graphics without uploading the files to a server. WebEx Meeting Center's unique Vector format allows for high resolution, multi-level zooming and annotation capabilities.
  • Support for Microsoft PowerPoint Animation and Transitions

    Share multiple PowerPoint presentations in a single meeting with support for animation and slide transitions.
  • Multimedia Content Sharing

    Playback multimedia objects, including Flash and streaming video and audio, within PowerPoint presentations. Incorporate streaming multimedia from any web site into your meeting.
  • Application Viewing

    Show any business-critical desktop application without uploading files to a server. Present any application remotely, enhancing the effectiveness of live demos and team meetings.
  • Application Sharing and Desktop Collaboration

    Share anything on your desktop with an audience member to instantly solve customer support issues, conduct more effective live demos and streamline project meetings. Grant access to participants so they can control your desktop or application.
  • QuickStart Screen

    Gives you one-click access to the most commonly used meeting features like Presenting a Document and Sharing an Application.
  • File Transfer

    Easily pass documents to participants for download during a meeting.
  • Polling

    Allows you to solicit feedback from attendees via online survey responses.
  • Multipoint Video Integration

    Incorporate real-time video conferencing into your meeting from up to four desktop video cameras.
  • Record, Edit and Play Back Meetings

    Record an entire meeting or any desktop application for later reference. You can even edit the recorded session in preparation for playback and take ownership of your content. Once saved, participants can view and listen to the archive offline.
  • One-Click Meetings

    Start meetings and effortlessly bring decision makers together with just one click.
  • Scheduling Templates

    Save meeting options and settings in a template for quick access to scheduling a meeting. You can save templates within the Quick and Advanced Scheduler to shorten the steps required to schedule your meeting.
  • Quick Scheduler

    Schedule a meeting in a few short steps with the Quick Scheduler. Choose from one of your saved meeting templates, indicate additional key meeting details and your meeting is scheduled. In situations when you need to edit certain meeting features, you can easily access the Advanced Scheduler for additional options.
  • Advanced Scheduler

    Quickly walk through the steps of scheduling a meeting.
  • Auto-Play Presentations

    Allow attendees to view a presentation, which runs automatically or is attendee controlled, as they join the meeting.
  • Note Taking Panel

    Displays a window for attendees to take and save notes for meeting minutes.
  • PowerPanels

    Customize your meeting view by opening, closing and resizing PowerPanels, including Participant, Chat, Notes, Video and Polling panels, according to the needs of your meeting.
  • Floating Icon Tray

    Float your PowerPanels over your meeting screen when in Full Screen view to get access to essential meeting functions and tools. The tray also allows you to seamlessly switch between sharing modes.
  • Meeting Transcripts

    Email atendees a transcript of the meeting to ensure timely follow-up on important decisions and action items.
  • Microsoft Office Integration

    Share Office documents in a meeting with a single click to increase the convenience of information distribution.
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

    Streamline the scheduling process by starting and scheduling meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • IBM Lotus Notes Integration

    Schedule, start, or join online meetings using Lotus Notes.
  • Add to My Calendar

    Create appointments in major calendar applications containing meeting information using a single button.
  • Distribution Lists

    Create distribution lists and import groups directly into a WebEx Meeting Center account, making it easier to send meeting invitations to large or recurring groups.
  • High Performance and Reliability

    Conduct your meeting with confidence. With servers strategically dispersed at facilities around the globe, the WebEx Interactive Network routes meetings through hubs that deliver reliable, secure, high-performance services. You can hold multi-unit interactive meetings without latency or interruptions from anywhere in the world.
  • Security

    Support for SSL encryption enables you to securely conduct interactive meetings with even the most confidential information and on-demand solutions.