LotusLive: Meetings

Stop the worry. Start the show.

Whether a colleague is working from home or a client is half way around the world, ideas and information need to pass freely and in real-time. That’s why you need LotusLive: Meetings, offered by InterCall. All you need is a web browser and you can connect with one person or 999 – instantly. Online collaboration has never been easier.
Important Info

Go Beyond Simple Online Web Conferencing

IBM LotusLive: Meetings is a powerful, yet simple to use tool for securely displaying and orchestrating real-time presentations on the Internet. It provides the most common features needed for web presentations and requires minimal training and support. With LotusLive: Meetings, you can quickly share anything on your computer with people anywhere in the world. Experience conferencing using just a web browser with LotusLive: Meetings. It brings you a streamlined, collaborative online meeting without requiring participant downloads.

With LotusLive: Meetings, you can:

  • Set up and attend conferences with one permanent meeting code.
  • Access meetings anytime and from anywhere through your web browser.
  • Store and save presentations, documents and polls online in your own content library.
  • Schedule online meetings in Outlook® or Lotus Notes® for easy invitations and one-click entry.

Ideal Uses

You can pull together a web conference at the last minute or easily plan an online presentation for hundreds- all with the same account. LotusLive: Meetings integrates web and videocasting. Just add InterCall's Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing for a full featured online web meeting in no time at all.

Use LotusLive: Meetings to:

  • Bring remote and mobile teams together
  • Deliver quarterly reporting
  • Track feedback from participants