Perfect for Any Event

Important Info
IBM LotusLive: Events lets you focus on the event - not the technical details. Whether you are hosting a large online training session or promoting your product with a webinar, LotusLive: Events can help you improve it. Boost your attendance with professional, ready-to-go invitations, reminder e-mails and easy registration templates. Keep your audience engaged using our industry-leading web conferencing services. And we make it easy to get valuable feedback with simple surveys.  


  • Invitation Templates (LotusLive: Events ONLY)

    Automatically provide information needed for attendees to register.
  • Automated Email Announcements (LotusLive: Events ONLY)

    Choose from several automatically generated e-mails to help you communicate with your attendees after they have registered. You can preview any message.
  • Registration Management (LotusLive: Events ONLY)

    Review and manage your event registrations, send custom e-mails and download registration information.
  • Event Rehearsal (LotusLive: Events ONLY)

    Launch test and practice sessions of your event. During these sessions you can try features, upload documents, create polling questions, and conduct dress rehearsals.
  • Event Summary and History (LotusLive: Events ONLY)

    Listed activities related to this event (rehearsals and the actual event). Get detailed summaries for a specific activity.
  • Exportable Data (LotusLive: Events ONLY)

    Download registration data and view participant information.
  • Completely web-based for participants

    With no need for downloads, you and your participants can join quickly, from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Toolbars and navigation controls

    Attendee and moderator toolbar icons are easy to interpret so it’s simple for users of all skill levels. Navigation buttons allow movement sequentially through presentations or to jump to selected slides by name or number.

  • Sharing and remote control

    Share select applications or your entire desktop. Quick share/un-share button is located in the title bar of shared applications.

  • Recording

    Record audio and web content as offline media. Produce self contained Flash formatted presentations.
  • Document library and publishing capabilities

    View thumbnails of documents stored within your document library. Publish before or during your meeting with conversion capabilities for PowerPoint®, Excel, Word, PDF and ODF files. 

  • Annotation tools

    Highlight key presentation points on slides or documents or annotate presentations with marker and pointer tools.
  • File transfer

    Quickly send relevant documents during your meeting using file transfer. Transfer documents of all types and sizes that are often blocked by email systems.

  • Polling

    Get real-time polling results and then track and report the responses. Create polling questions in advance and store online or create questions on-the-fly.

  • Hand raising

    Ask questions and tally results based on animated raised hands images, controlled by the attendees.
  • Chat

    Chat with individuals or send broadcast messages to all attendees. Control participant chat permissions to allow for discussions without interrupting the flow of the presentation. Time stamps show source, destination and explicit recipient selection of all chats.
  • Multiple presenters/passing presenter control

    Facilitate collaborative working sessions by clicking an attendee name and passing control. The moderator retains the ability to take back presentation control using the Present button on the toolbar.
  • Roster

    View and edit attendee information entered during login. All attendee information is stored and supplied in billing records.
  • Edit attendee information

    Capture correct information as it is stored in the database and have the ability complete missing attendee information.
  • Attendee rights management

    Allow individuals or all attendees to view the roster. Assign question and answer chat responsibilities to attendees.
  • Control participant entry

    Control participant entry to the meeting using Start/Stop Session buttons. Eliminate disruption from late arrivals by enabling the Conference Lock feature.

  • Summary report

    Receive a summary email at the end of each web conference for reporting of participants’ join/exit times and polling results.