Cisco WebEx Event Center


Make the Most out of Webinars & Event Conferencing

Important Info
WebEx Event Center offers a full suite of features to make it easy for you to schedule, conduct and wrap up your webinars and online events. 
  • Integrated Audio Controls

    Control your Reservationless-Plus audio conference from within the WebEx Event Center meeting interface. Note: InterCall recommends using Operator Assisted or Direct Event for the audio portion of your event with more than 125 participants.
  • Virtual Auditorium

    Reach large audiences through your browser and avoid venue, travel and hotel expenses. Touch more prospects more often and reduce per-lead costs.
  • PowerPanels

    Deliver full-screen views for your attendees while you manage events behind the scenes. Use PowerPanels to track attendee activity, respond to questions presented in chat and review poll results.
  • Easy Scheduling

    Create meeting templates and distribution lists to quickly schedule events and invite attendees.
  • In-session Alerts

    Get audio and visual alerts so you can respond to attendee needs when in full screen mode.
  • Multimedia Content

    Present PowerPoint presentations complete with animations, transitions, Flash, 3D objects and streaming video.
  • Document and Application Sharing

    Share documents, demonstrate software and whiteboard ideas in real time.
  • Multiple Panelists

    Bring in speakers from different locations on a single event.
  • Panelists Entrance and Prep Room

    Panelists enter the event separately from attendees and can go to a private “practice room” for last minute rehearsal out of attendees’ view.
  • Q&A and Chat

    Increase interaction with a threaded Q&A feature that pairs questions with responses.
  • Personalized Email Templates

    Increase attendance by creating attractive HTML or text emails using our templates.
  • Automated Email Management

    Send out invitations, confirmations, reminders and follow-up emails automatically.
  • Persistent Media Panel

    Post speaker photos and biographies or video.
  • iCalendar Support

    Simplify scheduling using Outlook and Lotus Notes calendar integration.
  • Polls and Surveys

    Measure event effectiveness and gather feedback for future events.
  • Registration and Reporting

    Customize event registration, track answers to qualifying questions, then upload the results to CRM systems for fast sales follow-up.
  • Lead Source Tracking and Automated Lead Scoring

    Identify your highest quality and most cost-effective lead sources.
  • Record, Edit and Playback

    Record events for reuse and review. Post seminar recordings to pull in more leads.
  • Cross-Platform Support

    Welcome attendees who are using Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris and Firefox operating systems.