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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the minimum requirements to lead an Adobe Connect meeting?

    The system requirements to lead a meeting are listed here.

  • What are the bandwidth requirements of Adobe Connect?

    The bandwidth requirement is 256Kbps (512Kbps recommended) for participants, meeting attendees, and end users of Adobe® Connect™ applications.

    A DSL or cable connection is recommended for Adobe Connect presenters, administrators, trainers, and event and meeting hosts.

  • Can I integrate my InterCall audio conferencing account with my Adobe Connect account?

    Yes, once the administrator of your account enables InterCall® audio conferencing by following these steps, meeting hosts can integrate InterCall Reservation-less Plus® with their meetings. Steps for meeting hosts to complete the audio integration are listed here.

  • Can I upload and share rich content?

    You can upload any of the following content types:

    • Microsoft PowerPoint slides (PPT and PPTX
    • Video for Flash (FLV
    • interactive Flash Player compatible content (SWF)
    • Audio (MP3
    • PDF
    • Adobe Captivate® demonstrations and simulations (SWF)
    • Pre-recorded Adobe Presenter courses
    • Images (JPG and PNG)
    • Compressed packages (ZIP) containing valid content

    In addition, live screen sharing allows you to share any content you have on your screen regardless of file type.

  • What is the capacity of an Adobe Connect meeting?

    The Adobe platform can accommodate up to 1,500 participants. However, specific capacity on your account is determined by the selected pricing model.

  • Can Adobe Connect sessions and meetings be recorded?

    Yes, Adobe Connect offers a unique approach to recording meetings through its archived meeting index. Viewers can use the meeting index to navigate to the most relevant content quickly. Meeting recordings include synchronized audio and video for either VoIP or telephone audio conferencing.

  • Can Adobe Connect recordings be edited and played offline?

    Yes, recordings can easily be edited and played back offline for easy viewing anywhere, anytime. End users will need the Adobe Connect Desktop application to access these recordings while offline.

  • What is Adobe Connect Mobile?

    Adobe Connect Mobile is an application that allows you to host or attend online meetings, collaborate with others anytime, anywhere, all with your mobile device. You can join multiuser videoconferences with your device's camera, share presentations, documents, and multimedia content with other attendees and collaborate using text chat and polls. It’s available for free on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices through the respective app stores.

    Note that simultaneous teleconference activity is restricted when using a carrier that does not support simultaneous data and voice. For some devices, meetings can be attended in the browser if the device meets the following requirements: Mobile OS with Flash Player and AIR support (Flash Player 10.1). Attending via the Adobe Connect Mobile app is recommended.

  • Can I obtain advanced registration with Adobe Connect?

    Yes, if your site has the event module enabled, you’ll be provided the tools to successfully manage the full lifecycle of an event, from registration and qualification of attendees through to post-event follow-up. Adobe Connect for Webinars has capabilities that can be applied to all Adobe Connect modules, including online seminars, on-demand presentations, and training programs.

  • Does the Adobe Connect for Webinars event module provide reporting and tracking of an event?

    Adobe Connect for Webinars provides dashboard reports at the individual level. Built-in analytical tools powered by Adobe SiteCatalyst help identify top-performing promotions, measure webinar engagement, and generate rich visual interpretations of data for faster decision making. Files can be generated in CSV format for import into CRM and lead management systems for high-yield outreach.

  • Does Adobe Connect for Webinars enable customization and branding of event landing pages and emails?

    Yes. Adobe Connect for Webinars enables event managers to easily create fully customizable, richly branded event landing pages, microsites, email communications, and catalogs, leveraging intuitive drag-and-drop content creation tools and rich design templates.

  • What is Adobe Connect for eLearning?

    Adobe Connect for eLearning (aka Training Module) enables organizations to quickly deploy and manage online courses and curriculums. It provides complete curriculum management capabilities, including the ability to incorporate live meetings, virtual classrooms, external events, and self-paced courses into a single curriculum. With Adobe Connect for eLearning, organizations can deploy, measure, and track their training and compliance initiatives.

  • Can Adobe Connect for eLearning give me insight into the effectiveness of my training?

    Adobe Connect for eLearning provides an intuitive, web-based user interface that enables you to generate reports and analyze the effectiveness of each course or curriculum. For example, training managers can see how a particular user scored on a test, how all learners scored on a test, or even how users responded to a particular survey question.

  • Does Adobe Connect for eLearning support both live and on-demand training programs?

    Yes, it supports both on demand and real time programs that can be created in a variety of formats. Individual training courses can be combined within and/or reused across Adobe Connect for eLearning curriculums to build effective blended learning training programs. A variety of formats can be used to create and deliver training activities, including self-paced Adobe Presenter courses, Adobe Captivate content, and PDF and video content, as well as courses created with third-party offerings. Live, instructor-led training is engaging and effective in Adobe Connect virtual classrooms, which can easily be included within a training curriculum.