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  • Easy to Use and Learn

    Your virtual platform is an extension of your brand and it must be a great experience for prospects and customers. While other virtual tools can be complex and require a considerable learning curve, the InterCall interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Our platform does not require users to switch applications or click through multiple pop-ups.

  • Better Communication Tool

    Your ultimate communication goal is to deliver measurable results. Our platform provides rich registration information, activity data and comprehensive lead ranking. For hosted online events, our Engagement Index allows you to act upon the highest quality leads quickly. You can segment and score leads based upon geography, demographics and product interest. All data is delivered through web-based reporting, which makes it easy to access and share information with partners and sponsors.

  • Customizable Branding

    Your virtual presence needs to be creative and distinctive. Our interface is fully customizable, allowing you complete control over the look and feel of your virtual experience. While other platforms require substantial investment to create a customized virtual environment, InterCall's service allows you to be up and running in a matter of hours, with point-and-click customization and predefined templates and themes.

  • Global Reach in Multiple Languages

    Your virtual platform must support you wherever you do business. A solution that is available only in English will limit your success. Our platform is the only solution available in 17 languages and allows you to simultaneously reach audiences worldwide. InterCall also provides a global services model, which is crucial for delivering online events to an international audience.