InterCall Video Managed Services

VNOC Symphony™

Redefining VNOC® Services

InterCall Video Managed Services includes features that allow you to fully outsource your video conferencing management and support. All these features can be accessed online through VNOC Symphony™.
Important Info
Symphony provides an all in one solution for scheduling, managing and supporting video and Telepresence meetings, equipment and infrastructure no matter if it is across town or around the globe. Imagine video meetings automatically connecting without the need for human intervention. Imagine this, and you imagine Symphony.

Don't worry about the details! Symphony does all the work to produce video meetings so you can focus on conducting your business. Symphony provides the following and more:

  • Schedule, modify and edit reservations
  • View scheduled conferences (daily and weekly)
  • Create re-occurring conferences
  • Customize Symphony interface and reservation processes
  • Send confirmation emails and notifications
  • Outlook/Lotus Notes Integration
  • Monitors endpoints, networks and infrastructure

Symphony provides users the option of scheduling meetings or requesting an immediate conference with no notice. For example, launching a ten city conference would require a traditional VNOC 15 to 30 minutes of setup time. Using Symphony, the user quickly selects the cities from a list of available rooms, and watches the conference sites "go live".

Automation has redefined VNOC services, providing accurate, efficient, repeatable, and affordable meeting management for small, medium and large enterprises.