InterCall Video Conferencing


Get the Most out of Video Conferencing

Important Info
InterCall Video Conferencing features ensure you have the widest range of options to keep you connected. We can also help you find video conferencing facilities throughout the world.
  • Audio Add-on

    Add an audio link to your video conference events for those who do not have video access. Choose from InterCall’s Reservationless-Plus  or Operator Assisted solution.
  • Web Add-on

    Present PowerPoint® slides and collaborate on documents with web conferencing. Increase participant interaction and share ideas real-time during your video event.
  • Continuous Presence

    View all conference participants simultaneously on the same screen or choose from one of the many formats that best fits your needs. The flexibility of this feature allows for more viewing options to further enhance your meeting experience. The image below shows all of your viewing choices.
  • InterCall Video Online

    Use InterCall Video Online, a web-based reservation, reporting and billing system, to get complete control over your video conferences. You can schedule, review and modify calls through the InterCall Video Online user interface. The service also provides a method to notify participants of conference dates and times, launch ISDN and IP-based video conferences and pay for and track past events.
  • Speed Matching and Transcoding

    Connect with all meeting participants regardless of the type of equipment each location is running on. Our ability to convert different algorithms and speed match will ensure all sites connect together for a successful event.
  • Comprehensive Services

    Use our video solutions, which include ISDN (H.320), IP (H.323) and satellite video conference services along with ISDN and IP hybrid gateway services.
  • Multiple carrier switching options

    Connect directly to anyone, anywhere, no matter what carrier they use.
  • Training and Development

    Attend one of our complimentary training and development programs to receive training and support to increase your comfort level with the video conferencing environment.
  • Video Streaming and Recording

    Allow more participants to see and hear your conference by streaming it to a designated web site. Record and archive your event for future reference.
  • Video Conferencing Facilities

    Meet face-to-face with a client or colleague even if video conferencing equipment is not in the budget. InterCall has over 9000 public video conference rooms available for rent throughout the world. Find video conferencing public rooms »
  • Dealer Locators

     Work with us to identify a dealer in your area if you are ready to purchase video conferencing equipment. Find video conferencing equipment »