Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint Online

File sharing made easy in the cloud.


Easily store and share information with colleagues and customers using secure, brand-able custom sites.

  • Work together effectively
  • Keep documents up to date
  • Easily access information online
  • Protect critical business information.

Share team documents and track project milestones
to keep teams in sync.


Manage important documents online so the latest versions
are always at hand.


Provide teams access to critical business information
when and where they need it.

Important Info
Microsoft SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online helps you share ideas and expertise and find the right business information to make better decisions.

SharePoint helps you and your team work better, faster, and smarter. Access the right people and information at the right time to make better decisions and get the job done.

SharePoint works with familiar Microsoft Office applications. It’s easy to create Office documents and save them directly to SharePoint Online, or co-author documents with Microsoft Office Online. Users can access important documents offline or from familiar mobile devices, and set document-level permissions to protect sensitive content.

In addition, SharePoint makes it possible with one click to communicate in real-time with colleagues, customers and partners from within SharePoint sites using Microsoft Skype for Business.

SharePoint Online delivers a powerful, easy-to-deploy solution that can help you make your company more productive.

Flexible deployment options let you customize the system so that people can do their jobs effectively in a secure environment. Plus, with centralized administration and management features, you can be confident knowing that you maintain control over a system that is ready to respond to any business need.

By allowing Microsoft to operate and manage the infrastructure that is associated with SharePoint Online, businesses can focus their resources on what is important—running their businesses.


The SharePoint Online service enables teams to work together easily to share critical business information on SharePoint Online sites.

  • My Sites - share and manage personal documents and information from your PC, phone or browser.
  • Team Sites - keep teams in sync and create, edit and review important documents and projects in real time.
  • Intranet Sites - keep employees up-to-date with the latest company news and information

Co-authoring capabilities help people work simultaneously with colleagues on Office documents.

  • Allows more than one person to edit a Word document or PowerPoint slides in a SharePoint Online document library at the same time.
  • Decrease or eliminate attachments by storing documents in your My Site and work on them at the same time with other colleagues.

Work with SharePoint sites, libraries, and lists -- online or offline.

  • Quickly view, add, edit and delete SharePoint Online library documents or list items while they are offline.
  • Automatic two-way synchronization between a user’s computer and the network. Only the changes, not the whole document, are pushed over the wire for quick syncing and updating

Share information with others more efficiently with improved wikis, team sites, document libraries, and calendaring.

  • Ease of publishing with enterprise wiki pages and wiki linking.
  • Insert and format content directly on the page with the Rich Text Editor.
  • Browse for images or photos on your local computer or network and insert them into your site without leaving the page you are on.
  • Select multiple items in a list and click a button to perform the same action on all the items at the same time. For example, you can check in or check out several documents at the same time.
  • Easily add events to a calendar by clicking a date and entering details for the event without leaving the calendar.
  • Drag and drop items within a calendar.

Find and help others find interesting information and expertise.

  • Features include newsfeeds, social tagging, and ratings so that you can more easily keep track of your colleagues’ activities, as well as share relevant content.
  • Search for a person by expertise to find someone who has the skills that match your needs.
  • Use the phonetic name lookup to find similar sounding names. Promote interaction through expertise sharing using My Sites.
  • My Sites and profiles can be used to share knowledge in your specialty area with your colleagues. Adding interests and responsibilities to profiles makes it easier for colleagues to find each other through newsfeeds, ask and answer questions, and to connect in other ways.

The tools and services provided by SharePoint Online enable individuals and teams to:

  • Build out company-wide intranet sites.
  • Share information more securely with colleagues and trusted business partners.
  • Maintain granular control of sites, documents and lists with user and group permissions
  • Upload documents to online libraries, share documents with others, and manage how documents are used.
  • Display project calendars to track milestones and resource availability.
  • Show announcements and alerts.
  • Publish blogs and RSS feeds, or provide a list of links to other blogs, forums, and resources.
  • Maintain a list of contact names and information.
  • Create navigation for your SharePoint Online sites that best meets your organization’s needs.
  • Provide links to other important websites.
  • Create specialized websites—Document Workspaces and Meeting Workspaces—to help manage particular projects or work items.


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