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Host Online Events with Greater Impact, Reach and ROI

Start and keep the conversation going with targeted audiences around the world. Utilize interactive platforms with multiple options to connect, with true global reach that only InterCall can provide. Achieve results that have changed the way our customers do business.


Featured Services

  • InterCall Webcast Studio

    Create and deliver high-impact live and on-demand virtual presentations for lead generation, training, corporate communications, investor relations, product launches, or any application where you are looking to increase audience engagement
  • InterCall Virtual Enviroments

    Easily create branded and interactive environments for virtual events to engage with your customers, prospects, partners and employees
  • CorporateTube

    Launch your own internal secure video portal for training, knowledge sharing and corporate communications, to deliver greater productivity and cost savings.
  • Operator Assisted Conferencing

    Streamline and manage your most demanding conferences&whether your audience is a dozen executives, investors and analysts or a 2,500 member sales force.

Industry Spotlight

Reach physicians and health care providers all across the country in a single day with virtual events.

Product Announcements

Unlimited webcasts for one monthly fee

Case Studies
Learn how these companies are using InterCall virtual event solutions to drive lead generation. IBM PTC International Institute for Learning
Virtual Events Best Practice Guide

Best Platform
Forrester ranks InterCall Virtual Environments as the top, most complete platform.
Numerous Accolades
InterCall has won more awards since 2010 than all competitors combined.

Driving Lead Generation Virtually

Conversion Funnel

Capture more highly qualified leads more cost-effectively with InterCall virtual events, virtual environments and webcasts. Leverage events for a variety of purposes, including online conferences, trade show events and partner meetings for increased customer engagement. Use a virtual environment to generate worldwide leads 24/7. Present a standalone webcast or a complete webcasting series—transfer knowledge, demonstrate thought leadership, and foster relationships with customers, partners and prospects.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • My marketing activities don't draw the number of leads they used to.
  • I don't generate enough qualified leads.
  • I need to keep my costs down and prove value for my events.
  • I need to execute fast and still impact the business.
  • I want to engage customers and prospects in conversations.

Virtual Environment Screenshot
InterCall virtual environment screen shot
Case Studies
Find out how these companies use Virtual Product Launch Solutions to achieve their goals. PTC Major Software Company
Virtual Events Best Practice Guide

Best Platform
Forrester ranks InterCall's virtual environment as the #1 platform with the most complete capabilities.

Solutions for Product Launches

Virtual Technologies

InterCall is the leader in virtual technologies for product launches, empowering companies with a new launch model that compresses timelines, expands reach and accelerates market penetration. Companies are leveraging virtual solutions to streamline their product launches.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I need to reach global customers and partners.
  • I need to get to market quickly.
  • I need to educate and build market share.

InterCall virtual events and environments make a versatile tool to launch products and services of any type: relaunches, product and service updates, launches to channel partners, product education, or introductions into new geographies, industries/verticals and segments.

Global reach

Connect with audiences wherever they are. InterCall's 13 centers worldwide support 17 languages, 37 languages in chat translation and 150 languages via closed captioning.

Time to market

Launch simultaneously into all your markets with no physical limits. Shorter timelines for event development and scheduling allow you to expedite market entry.

Build market share

Educate and build enthusiasm for new products with demos and presentations that can range from basic audio and/or slides to elaborate productions incorporating video and interactive features. The Engagement Index and Smart Reporting track and report all attendee activity, scoring leads to help you prioritize follow up.

Case Studies
Read how InterCall helped these companies deliver successful training to internal and external audiences: Anixter Kuerig University Medco Novartis

Corporate Online Training Solutions: Train Employees, Customers and Partners

Online Presentation

Corporate trainers create and deliver training globally, engaging and connecting with any number of learners anytime, anywhere with InterCall virtual training solutions. Sessions delivered in webcasts and virtual environments can be archived and re-used, leveraging your ROI and ensuring version and quality control. Webcast Studio's easy-to-use self-service solution allows you to set up a virtual event in just minutes and distribute training worldwide immediately.

On- board new recruits or train existing employees on product updates, compliance content, technical content, professional development and executive education. Deliver sales and product training to distributors and channel partners. Educate customers on new product developments. Provide continuing education for members and others.

Stretch budgets

Reduce training costs. Train people more often to raise overall skill and increase training ROI.

Save time

Quickly create and launch training modules. Reduce time to market by delivering same-day global training.

Engage learners

Keep participant’s attention with interactive capabilities, and integrate your existing training assets.

Reach worldwide

Global capabilities and support for hundreds of languages.

Track engagement

Track learner behavior and interactions with content from our Engagement Index and Smart Analytics.

Case Studies
Find out how these organizations use InterCall Town Hall Events Solutions to achieve their goals. Brunswick

Solutions for Town Hall OnlineEvents

Town Hall Online Event

Corporate and Executive Communication Events, All Hands Meetings, Customer Announcements and Investor Events

Engage and connect with geographically dispersed employees, customers, investors and others via branded and interactive events with InterCall Webcast Studio and Virtual Events. Inform, motivate and improve performance of key stakeholders.

Present standalone web events or incorporate one or more into a live event. Our customers typically more than double the number of attendees by adding a virtual element such as a webcast or virtual event. Include a video element to dramatically increase audience involvement. Your event can be viewed by audiences around the world 24/7, ensuring your message is delivered when you need it to be.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I can't gather all my employees in the same location.
  • I need to keep my team engaged and interacting.
  • I must execute quickly, even spontaneously.
  • Our content must remain secure and confidential.
  • I must assure complete success.

Geographically dispersed

Expand your reach regionally or globally by adding a virtual component to your event or by going completely virtual. InterCall's "follow the sun" network with 13 global support centers and translation for hundreds of languages allow you to connect with an international audience.

Keep audiences engaged

Interactive features like polling and live Q&A can be enabled to keep audiences participating. Our Attendee Engagement Index and Smart Reporting track and measure all attendee behavior.

Execute quickly

Set up meetings in just minutes when you need to get the word out fast, with Webcast Studio's self-service wizard.


Multiple security options such as entry passwords and whitelisting/blacklisting allow easy authorized access and keep "trespassers" out. For highly confidential meetings, utilize our operators as gatekeepers.

Industry leader

We work with 86% of Fortune 500 and 77% of Fortune 1000 companies.

Award winner

Ranked #1 global audio provider by Wainhouse Research 2011 and top virtual platform by Forrester (2010).

Case Studies
Learn how InterCall virtual recruiting solutions helped these companies achieve their recruiting goals: Haymarket Careerbuilder KPMG

Human Resources Virtual Recruiting Solutions

Virtual Job Fair

InterCall is the leader in virtual recruiting technologies for Human Resources, allowing corporate recruiters to connect, interact and engage with candidates. With InterCall, recruiters reach more qualified candidates and expedite the hiring process.

Use a virtual recruiting event for urgent hiring needs or leveraging online recruitment center or virtual job fair that's open 24/7 to source candidates worldwide, in your own branded environment.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I need to connect with as many qualified candidates as possible nationally, sometimes globally.
  • I need to make recruiting processes as efficient as possible, increasing productivity and reducing time to hiring times.
  • I need to provide an attractive, easy-to-use online event platform for applicants and HR Recruiters.

Global access

Gain instant access to a broad range of candidates around the world. Connect with the most qualified candidates wherever they're located. Since the virtual recruiting platform can eliminate inefficient travel, company experts can be brought in without disrupting their schedules.

Increase efficiency

Make hiring processes efficient for both company and applicant with electronic documents. Meet potential candidates "face to face" virtually, cutting time and travel costs. Screen effectively by communicating with and filtering candidates before scheduling interviews.

Boost productivity

With recruiters already traveling and using a wide variety of online resources to find candidates, job seekers and employers can now come together in one convenient virtual environment. Centralization improves productivity and speeds hiring.

Easy to use

It's easy for candidates to apply and track the positions they applied for and with whom they interacted.

Case Studies
Read how InterCall helped these companies ensure earnings call success: Amgen Harbinger Partners Hilton Corporation Hines Growers Microsemi

Earnings Calls: Take Your Investor Events to the Next Level

Earning Events

Earnings calls are no longer just calls—they're high profile events. InterCall provides the right experience, service, technology and reliability to flawlessly connect with shareholders around the world, every time. Our webcasting and virtual event technologies enable Investor Relations and Finance professionals to deliver quarterly results to investors and analysts, and to transform earnings calls into online events by adding slides, video and interactive elements.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I need every call to be professionally and flawlessly executed.
  • I need to ensure compliance in how we share financial information.
  • I need to reach a global investment audience.
  • I need information to be accessible to global investors in an "always on" business environment.

Flawless execution

InterCall's seasoned "white glove" IR event specialists handle every detail of your virtual event so you can focus on your message. Our network reliability is 99.99%—the highest in the industry. No dropped calls or lock-outs.

Global reach

"Follow the sun" with InterCall's 13 global support centers to reach your investors worldwide. We support 17 languages, 34 in chat translation and closed captioning for 150 languages.

Proven experience

InterCall handles more than 15,000 audio and web events every month. We work with 86% of Fortune 500 and 77% of the Fortune 1000.

Haymarket: Secured Position as Industry Leader

Key Achievements:

  • Engage Audience: Haymarket wanted an online platform to host a career fair where the audience was engaged and able to communicate with potential employers.
  • Accessibility: Attendees were able to join the fair at their computers and the event ran from 11:00am-8:00pm EST, which allowed all time zones to participate.
  • Revenue-generating: Earned $650K net income from sponsoring companies.

Careerbuilder.com: Reduced Time To Hire by 60%

Key Achievements:

  • Lowered cost per hire by 70%
  • $2.76 cost per attendee
  • Decreased travel expenses and other hard costs
  • "Wowed" client

KPMG: Attracted 10,000 Candidates

Key Achievements:

  • $3.36 cost per candidate attending
  • 20,719 registrants (400% of target)
  • 10,903 candidates attended
  • 34,302 candidate visits
  • 40 countries represented

Harbinger Partners: Increased Capacity and Security

Key Achievements:

  • Professional and stable platform: Needed a secure platform to host investor meetings and confidential client calls
  • Control & analytics: Single sign-on, black and white labeling, Smart Analytics track and report on every interaction
  • Spacious & secure: Capacity to securely accommodate large numbers of attendees

Microsemi: Customer Stories

Key Achievements:

  • Analysts, investors, media and employees were able to join calls using the same dial-in number each time
  • The Q&A session was orderly and controlled by Microsemi executives to view participants and choose the order of questions
  • Hundreds have access to the recording after the event

Hines Growers: Customer Stories

Key Achievements:

  • Company experienced call failures using another provider
  • With InterCall, failures were eliminated
  • Management's focus is now on communicating with investors, not on the technology
  • Global audience enjoys reliability and clarity

AMGEN: Customer Stories

Key Achievements:

  • A longtime InterCall customer, they experimented with another provider for an earnings call
  • The very first call failed so they switched back to InterCall
  • Global coverage and the highest level of service are essential

Hilton: Customer Stories

Key Achievements:

  • Appreciated our outstanding service as a long-time InterCall customer
  • When it was time to renew their contract or switch to another company, InterCall proactively proposed a new type of deal
  • Hilton chose to stay with InterCall due to our innovation and customer focus

Anixter: Train More Customers

Key Achievements:

  • Need for Virtual platform: Customers have fewer resources and less time to learn new information. Anixter had to provide a way more participants could attend events without wasting time and overspending money.
  • Anixter executives using LeaderView to view participants and choose the order of questions.
  • Always On: Hundreds have access to the recording after the events.

Medco: Training Success – Reduced Costs

Key Achievements:

  • Virtual Learning Environment so employees could instantly access content, SME's and collaborate with peers
  • Reduced cost from $2,000+ to $62 per trainee
  • Saved almost $2,000,000

Kuerig University: Engage & Educate Partners

Key Achievements:

  • 52% viewed ALL training content available
  • Average visit time more than 2 hours
  • Record attendance

Novartis: Add Professional Skills

Key Achievements:

  • Doctors, patients and providers are using new media to connect, network and collaborate – Novartis wants to harness this trend
  • Novartis trained 1000 sales and marketing employees on social media tools, guidelines, and compliance
  • The exhibition hall hosted partners like McCann, Nielsen, Sermo, PatientsLikeMe, TNS Healthcare and more

Brunswick (Life Fitness) Adds Security & Quality to Town Hall Events

Key Achievements:

  • Professional and stable platform: Brunswick had issues with audio echoes and seeing the presentations when they hosted town hall events. The InterCall platform resolved both those issues.
  • Interactive and Secure: Brunswick's CEO wants the facilities to be extremely open and inviting to the novice user and wants his meetings to have the same feel, which helps his employees feel at ease and
  • eager to participate.
  • Beneficial Features: InterCall's broadcast connect feature along with Q&A format allowed Brunswick to have successful meetings where the message was delivered and all participant questions were heard and answered.

IBM: Lead Generation & Increased Sales

Key Achievements:

  • Virtual event celebrating international project management community bringing together customers and prospects
  • 22,701 total registrants; 11, 739 total attendees (51% show up rate)
  • Average downloads per booth: 4,695
  • Average visitor attended: 99 minutes

International Institute for Learning: Lead Generation & Marketing

Key Achievements:

  • Virtual event celebrating international project management community bringing together customers and prospects
  • 22,701 total registrants; 11, 739 total attendees (51% show up rate)
  • Average downloads per booth: 4,695
  • Average visitor attended: 99 minutes

Major Software Company: Customer Stories

Key Achievements:

  • Series of webcasts educated 2,000 customers and partners in 2 days across 82 countries
  • 5,000 interactions with subject matter experts
  • 900 chats in 2 days

PTC: Lead Generation – always working

Key Achievements:

  • Created something much more than a virtual event. A persistent VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT for lead gen!
  • 3,300 leads for the initial event, over 20,000 for the environment/
  • The standard now in how they launch products
  • Delivered more qualified and educated prospects to sales team
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