Managing Blind

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February 16, 1:00 PM Eastern

Corinne MillerJust because your employee isn't down the hall from you doesn't mean you can't or don't need to interact. You still need to talk to your workers whether they are on different floors, across town or around the globe. As a manger, it is more difficult when your employee is in a different facility, works from home or is constantly on the road.

So what can you do to be a good manager and coach when you aren't able to always keep tabs on your team? While the same basic management principles apply, those principles are executed very differently when workers are virtual and conferencing solutions are the primary contact tools. If you ignore them, you and your team will fail.

Join us for a free webcast on February 16th at 1:00 PM EST where Corinne Miller will show you the path to success by overcoming the inherent issues of managing in a global virtual world.

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About Our Speaker:

Corinne Miller
Founder & Principal Consultant
Innovating Results!

Corinne consults, trains, facilitates, and coaches on communication - specializing in virtual communications, managing a virtual workforce, and virtual teaming and innovation. Corinne leverages her leadership experience at Motorola, Rockwell International, Northrop and TRW to provide unparalleled knowledge of virtual communications.

Corinne was awarded 2009 Faculty of the Year at Lake Forest Corporate Education where she also teaches communication in Lake Forest Graduate School of Management's MBA program. Her publications can be found at

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