Working with Business Partners from around the World Has Never Been Easier

Today's business world is a global community, one where clients and associates can be located anywhere in the world. Consequently, geographical distances have become less significant, as have national borders and boundaries. This global quality of the business world has developed over recent decades as a result of technological advancements and innovative communications solutions. Now, with a wide array of cutting-edge conferencing services available to companies and corporations of all sizes, working together with business partners from around the world has never been easier.

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There's no doubt that the communications industry has changed rapidly in recent years, providing numerous new ways to connect with people around the globe. As a result, it's now easy to hold engaging and interactive meetings, even when participants are separated by a significant distance. With numerous high-quality conferencing solutions to choose from in today's communications industry, every business can take advantage of the many benefits of virtual meetings. Whether you need to connect with someone across town or across the ocean, the latest conferencing solutions and services will help you deliver your message effectively.

To receive the very best service and to benefit from the most reliable and cutting-edge technologies, trust InterCall®. Providing a range of audio, video and web conferencing solutions, InterCall can take care of all of your communications requirements. Whether you need to promote your products, consult with associates, interview prospective employees or conduct training sessions, InterCall has conferencing solutions that will work for you. Best of all, InterCall offers a high level of personal attention as well as top-notch performance, so you will be able to connect with customers and employees easily and effectively, no matter where they are located.

With a multitude of great services, InterCall is bound to have a conferencing solution that will fulfill the needs of you and your business. InterCall's audio conferencing options include basic connections such as Reservationless-Plus® conferencing as well as enhanced connections such as Operator Assisted conference calls and Direct EventSM calls. In addition, InterCall offers InView®, a leading-edge video conferencing solution that allows for virtual face-to-face meetings. For flexible and effective webinars and online training sessions, InterCall also offers several excellent web conferencing options. From Conference PlaceSM provided by Microsoft® Office Live Meeting to TrainingCenter, powered by WebExTM, InterCall's web conferencing solutions allow you to deliver powerful presentations and to conduct collaborative, engaging meetings.

As a world leader in the conferencing and communications industries, InterCall is known for its high level of service and reliability. With innovative technologies and a vast network of solid connections and relationships, InterCall can provide you with the attention and the quality products that you have been looking for. Whether you wish to conduct audio conference calls, deliver powerful presentations via video conferencing or offer engaging online training sessions, InterCall will provide you with the tools and solutions necessary to allow you to work easily and efficiently with business partners and associates all over the world.