Simplify the Way You Communicate with Unified Communications

In this day and age, simplicity can seem hard to come by. This is especially true in the realm of communications. With so many technologies and devices available, connecting and staying in touch with others can often become far more complicated than necessary. For companies and corporations in a wide range of different industries, this can have a negative impact on the productivity and success of business endeavours. However, with the advent of a new technology architecture known as unified communications, it's now possible to simplify the way you communicate with others.

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Unified communications is the term used to describe the convergence and unification of diverse and often disparate communications technologies into one system. By streamlining various devices, applications, systems and media into a single, streamlined communications environment, connecting with clients, customers and employees is easier and more efficient. With the potential to integrate both fixed and mobile devices and applications, unified communications also provides a high level of convenience. Examples of potential applications and systems that can be integrated into a unified communications environment include e-mail, telephone, fax, voice mail, whiteboarding, instant messaging, web-based collaboration and video and audio conferencing.

The best way to experience the simplicity and convenience of unified communications is to turn to the experts to help you integrate a streamlined communications environment into the operations of your company or corporation. With a global reputation for high quality and reliable services, InterCall® delivers innovative technologies and comprehensive communications experiences. With a wide range of available unified meeting features, including podcasting, Mobile Assistant and Office Communicator Integration, InterCall provides the services and solutions required for businesses to enhance communications and increase productivity. So to simplify the way you communicate and to enjoy more complete communications experiences, consider integrating unified communications into the day-to-day operations of your company or corporation.