Integrating Multiple Services with Unified Communications

Maximizing efficiency is essential for companies large and small in today's fast-paced world. With tight resources and ever-looming deadlines, it's important not to waste time or money unnecessarily. While technology can help to significantly enhance smooth business operations, it can also create obstacles and decrease efficiency if all communication systems are functioning separately. This is why unified communications is becoming a standard in the modern business world. By integrating multiple services, companies and corporations enjoy simplified, comprehensive communications experiences as well as increased productivity.

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Unified communications is a relatively new and ever-evolving technology architecture which integrates various systems, applications and devices into a single communications environment. By doing so, dependency upon multiple devices is eliminated, latency is reduced and the flow of business operations is greatly improved. Unified communications platforms can include many forms of communications systems, such as instant messaging, e-mail, telephone, whiteboarding and audio, video and web conferencing. At the same time, the barriers between these separate systems and applications are removed, resulting in a streamlined and simplified technology architecture which allows for effective and productive communications experiences.

By offering reliable and quality unified communications solutions, InterCall® gives users control over how and when they communicate. As a global leader in the conferencing and communications industry, InterCall provides companies and corporations with a variety of solutions and options, so that every client receives services that are right for their particular needs and circumstances. With innovative tools and technologies as well as a high level of expertise and experience, InterCall is able to integrate unified communications solutions into existing networks and to deliver results beyond expectations. From consultation and planning to integration and management, InterCall is available to help businesses every step along the way to experiencing a fully streamlined communications environment.