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Whether you need to deliver a seminar to a dozen people or a hundred people, you want to make sure that you're getting your message across clearly while still connecting with people in a cost-effective and convenient manner. In the past, making company announcements or delivering seminars from a distance used to mean having all participants on the phone and communicating only by voice. However, with the evolution of technology and conferencing solutions, you can now integrate web conferencing solutions into your long-distance seminars to connect with your audience in a more engaging and effective way.

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The type of web conference used to deliver virtual seminars is known as a webinar. By integrating powerful web conferencing tools into the seminar format, webinars provide you with very dynamic choices and collaborative options. Whether you want your seminar to include only limited audience participation or to involve anything from question and answer sessions to full audience participation, webinars provide the flexibility and versatility required to fit the varying needs of different users and different situations. Thus, depending upon the message that you're trying to deliver and the results that you're hoping to achieve, webinars and web conferencing solutions can be tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences.

If you want to make use of webinars to connect with others in a simplified and cost-effective manner, it's always a smart move to turn to the experts. InterCall® is a leader in the web, audio and video conferencing industry and provides high quality and effective communications solutions to businesses around the world. As a highly respected and dominant force in the web conferencing industry, InterCall knows how to provide you with powerful tools and services that will allow you to conduct straightforward and successful webinars. From providing training seminars to giving sales demonstrations, InterCall's web conferencing solutions will allow you to meet with colleagues and clients quickly and easily.

InterCall offers video conferencing and web conferencing solutions for many different uses, functions and industries. For successful online seminars, InterCall Web Meeting is an exceptional service. This service integrates audio, web and video conferencing into a single environment which allows you to schedule, plan and manage webinars and other online events. InterCall Web Meeting's tools also give you the ability to interact with participants and to keep your audience focused on your presentation. With a high level of control and collaborative options, InterCall Web Meeting enhances communication and allows you to conduct engaging and successful online seminars.

In addition to the company's outstanding audio, video and web conferencing services, InterCall is also known for its exceptional customer care and support. With InterCall's team of experts helping you every step of the way, integrating webinars into your business is both easy and rewarding. So if you want to communicate effectively and make clear statements, consider expressing your ideas with a webinar from InterCall, the leading global provider of audio, web and video conferencing solutions.