Businesses are Benefiting from Unified Communications

In recent years, technological advancements have provided businesses with numerous new and convenient ways of communicating. However, at the same time, this proliferation of communications tools has the potential to create unnecessary complications when people are using multiple disparate channels. Yet, with the advent of unified communications, such complications are removed from the equation without sacrificing convenience or the level of control that users have over their collaborations or their communications tools. As a result, businesses in many different industries are now seeing the benefits.

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Unified communications is the term used to describe a relatively new technology architecture with the purpose of improving the efficiency of business operations and enhancing communications experiences. These objectives are achieved by integrating and streamlining various media, tools, devices and systems into a single, simplified and comprehensive platform. Allowing for real-time collaboration between users, this type of environment combines and integrates applications such as instant messaging, e-mail, whiteboarding and audio, video and web conferencing. Consequently, unified communications allows for efficient and comprehensive collaborations between participants, even when in different geographical locations. This means that co-workers and clients can connect and interact effectively with out needing to be in the same place.

With the many potential advantages offered by unified communications, it's not surprising that many businesses are starting to make use of this technology architecture. InterCall is helping many companies experience the increased efficiency and productivity that it can provide. Considering InterCall's global presence and its experience with providing businesses with enhanced communications systems, it's easy to understand why so many companies that want to benefit from unified communications are turning to InterCall for high-quality, reliable services and solutions.