Become a More Efficient Office with Unified Communications

Business efficiency is inextricably linked to productivity and success. If your office isn't making the most of time, money and other resources, your business simply can't reach its full potential. Thus, it's understandable that companies and corporations are constantly looking for ways to increase their efficiency in order to enjoy better results and greater success in many different aspects of their business. As more and more businesses are discovering, recent advancements in communications technologies have now made it possible to experience greater convenience and to become a more efficient office with the help of a continuously evolving technology architecture known as unified communications.

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Unified communications automates and integrates a wide range of communications devices and applications to provide a straightforward yet comprehensive communications environment. Such integrated systems can include many different media and applications, including e-mail, voicemail, telephone, whiteboarding, voice over IP, fax, instant messaging and video, audio and web conferencing. By making so many methods of communication available in a single, simplified environment, connecting with others is faster and involves far fewer delays. As a result, decisions can be made more quickly and productivity is enhanced. Moreover, unified communications solutions provide users with a high level of control and offer unparalleled convenience.

As a leader in the communications and conferencing industries, InterCall® understands the importance of efficiency to the success of all businesses. By working together with highly respected partners such as Microsoft®, InterCall is able to provide clients with a wide variety of advanced options, so that every business is able to choose the tools and services that are best for them. In addition, with a strong dedication to customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality services, InterCall provides the consultation and support necessary to ensure that all clients experience enhanced efficiency and productivity with the help of their unified communications tools and solutions.