Technology & Security

You need to be available to your customers, co-workers and partners in order to keep your business running. You can’t do that without a conferencing vendor that is reliable, global and dedicated to helping you stay connected.
Important Info
InterCall understands your need to communicate remotely while maintaining your strict security standards. Our audio and web conferencing services address that need through various features, architectures and network designs that provide an unparalleled remote meeting experience within a completely secure environment. 


Proprietary Technologies

InterCall owns and maintains the most technologically advanced conferencing equipment worldwide. We use multiple network providers and partners to support our extensive product offering, and we have the ability to link multiple bridges together, so they act as one virtual bridge. This architecture design and our network engineered systems for non-blocking eliminate connectivity issues, supporting our goal of 99.99% uptime, with more than 500,000 ports globally, our capacity usage never exceeds 70%.

InterCall is also dedicated to the on-going development of conferencing and collaboration technologies, such as Voice over IP. We have IP conferencing running today that is the best in the market. Our approach to VoIP is different than other conferencing providers because our world-class architecture utilizes PSTN and IP along with media gateways. And we have other applications working on this platform, like speech and ANI recognition, which can be integrated with our conferencing services.

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partners also place a strong emphasis on technology. Their web conferencing services are built on advanced networks and architectures that will give you the best conferencing experience.

As web conferencing becomes a prominent tool for business, it’s critical that conferencing services be always on and fully available. During the last two years, Microsoft Office Live Meeting has achieved an average monthly availability of 99.99%, or less than five minutes of unscheduled downtime per month. This stellar track record is possible because the Conference Place data centers employ clustering, redundancy, load balancing, fault tolerance, failover management, and preventive design to ensure continuous service.

WebEx Meeting Center, WebEx Event Center, WebEx Training Center and WebEx Support Center are all supported by the WebEx MediaTone network. The MediaTone Network is a fully redundant, private global network specifically designed to deliver web communications applications. Meeting data does not stop anywhere between you and your attendees, where traces of it might be left behind; instead, images and documents are compressed and encrypted prior to leaving your computer and then are sent out through the MediaTone Network. Nothing is stored on intermediate servers, which reduces latency, minimizes transport time and removes the threat of data theft. In addition, this distributed architecture prevents any single point of failure and gives you seamless and transparent fail-over so your meetings have enterprise-grade reliability.



InterCall's audio bridges are housed in various data centers around the globe. In each center, we maintain strict security measures that include electronic keys, biometrics and keypad doors to access the facilities. We also have on-site security personnel and video cameras so the data centers are monitored 24/7.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is built upon the context of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative, which provides the policies and assurances that form the foundation for its security measures. By focusing significant effort toward addressing the three cornerstones of delivering a secure service—access controls, content storage and data transmission—Conference Place provides you with a highly reliable and secure web conferencing experience.

Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing session content is switched using WebEx equipment located at WebEx owned and operated data centers worldwide. To gain access to any facility, one must be on the approved-access list managed by the WebEx security team. Access is further controlled by biometric security devices. The separation of duties that exists between WebEx security person¬nel and other WebEx personnel was a major factor that enabled WebEx to qualify for both WebTrust and SAS-70 Type II certifications.