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InterCall Unified Meeting 30-Day Free Trial Offer Ends Soon

U.S.-based Small to Medium-sized Businesses Can Drive Collaboration, Efficiencies with Easy-to-set up Web Conferencing and Online Meetings

CHICAGO, October 11, 2011 InterCall®, the world's largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, announced that its promotional 30-day free trial of InterCall Unified Meeting®, a service available to small to medium-sized businesses interested in improving communications with customers, partners and suppliers, will be ending on October 31, 2011.

Often, online meetings turn into time wasters because participants are distracted with other activities. InterCall Unified Meeting improves the collaboration quotient by elevating Web conferencing and online meetings into vehicles for access to the right people, resources and ideas. InterCall accomplishes these objectives by making it easy with a visually appealing interface and even the ability to view the people in the meeting from one’s screen.

“InterCall Unified Meeting gives small and medium-sized businesses the extensive collaboration capabilities normally found only at large enterprises,” said Kathleen Finato, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at InterCall. “The 30-day trial gives these organizations an opportunity to see just how cost effective and productive online meetings can be. With its intuitive interface and ease of use, InterCall Unified Meeting can begin producing results from day one of the trial.”

InterCall Unified Meeting allows workers to:

  • Share a desktop, presentation and applications with key constituents via computers, iPhones®, Android™ or Blackberry® phones
  • Have InterCall Unified Meeting dial participants without having to fumble for conference bridge numbers and pass codes
  • Share video
  • Know who is speaking at any given moment
  • Click a single link to schedule a meeting
  • Record a meeting
  • Form chat groups, distribute surveys and quiz participants
  • “Close the door” to meetings to prevent intruders or distractions
  • Whiteboard key points
  • Start a meeting on-the-fly


InterCall is the all-in-one solution for audio, video and Web conferencing. Companies across a spectrum of industries – including technology, medical device, and financial services – are enjoying the benefits of InterCall Unified Meeting.

“In our business, we’re meeting ‘virtually’ with clients on a regular basis, so it is important to use a reliable service that simplifies how we connect with them and safely share confidential information,” said Lauren Lampert, Director of Digital Media at SpaceTime Media, a media marketing company. “We rely on InterCall solutions for all of our client meetings and conference calls.”

“Time is crucial in our work environment, and with InterCall’s simple one-click connection, we never have to worry about time being wasted,” said Tom Koeppen, SVP, Sales and Marketing Strategy of DataCo Solutions, a research and marketing analysis business consultancy. “The ability to share one’s desktop with InterCall Unified Meeting makes for effective communication among colleagues and our valued customers.”

The deadline for signing up for an InterCall Unified Meeting free trial and realizing this $59 value is October 31. For more information and to sign up, please visit

See demonstrations of InterCall Unified Meeting on YouTube at and specifically how to share visuals at

About InterCall

InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation, is the largest conference and collaborations service provider in the world, and a leading provider of global cloud-based unified communications services. Founded in 1991, InterCall offers telephony, messaging, conferencing and collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes, from large global enterprises to small or regional companies. With a global footprint and broad service capabilities, InterCall’s flexible models for hosted, managed and on-premises communication services help companies get the most out of their business processes.

InterCall's strong U.S. presence, including four call centers and 26 sales offices, is bolstered by operations in Canada, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. For more information, please visit