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Businesses Looking to Go Green Turn to Conferencing

Esurance to Share Best Practices with Conferencing, Other Green Initiatives During Earth Day Webinar

CHICAGO, (April 14, 2008) – When online auto insurance company Esurance was founded in 1999, it strived to protect the environment by accounting for every pound of carbon it emits into the air. So it developed an exclusively paperless, electronic customer experience, created a hybrid claims fleet and offset electricity usage for each of its 11 offices. But when it came to business travel, the company needed a way to lessen its impact on the earth while maintaining the critical “face-to-face” contact. That’s when Esurance turned to the world’s largest conferencing service provider InterCall to set up audio, video and Web conferences for its employees.

“We understand the importance of being a greener, more efficient company, which is why we have put a number of eco-friendly practices in place to make us a better citizen of the planet,” said Joanne Lee, Esurance’s community relations representative. “Conferencing services enable us to be productive and continue to grow our business without having to travel, further reducing our carbon footprint on the Earth.”

But Esurance isn’t the only company turning to conferencing to reduce business travel. In just the last year, the conferencing industry grew nearly 16 percent and with new technology on the horizon it’s only expected to grow.

And it’s no wonder companies turn to conferencing when you look at the numbers. America’s 130 million workers generate 1.68 metric tons of CO2 per year through commuting, business travel, computer use and other related activities.

“We’ve reached a point where everyone is realizing the importance of creating sustainability with our environment, and of business,” said Carolyn Campbell, senior director of marketing for InterCall. "Reducing travel through conferencing is a way companies can lessen their footprint while still expanding their business reach."

Besides the environmental impact of less travel, using conferencing more can also significantly reduce a company’s travel budget and enable employees to spend more time at home.

"Companies are finding that audio, video and Web conferencing are actually easy tools to use and can not only save time and money, but also help environment. We’re seeing people are choosing to travel less and conference more," Campbell said. "Tools like conferencing empower individuals to make the right choices about when to travel and how to connect to business partners. And it’s an easy change to make, without requiring significant process changes or equipment."

During a Webinar sponsored by InterCall on April 22 from noon – 1 p.m. CST Esurance’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Henn and community relations representative Joann Lee will provide insight into how the company’s green strategy has driven its success, as well the successes and challenges Esurance faces as it carries out its commitment to the environment and best practices. Martin Fox of Stradbrooke Consultancy will also discuss how companies can make the idea of a green strategy a reality. Sign up by visiting

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