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InterCall Shows Workers how to Go Green with

CHICAGO, Nov. 09, 2007 – The average American worker generates 1.68 metric tons of CO2 per year through commuting to and from work, making copies and business travel, among other things, according to WSP Environmental, one of the world’s leading environmental and energy consultancies. Multiply that by the 130 million desk jockeys toiling in corporate America today, and you realize that the American workforce adds more stress to the ozone layer than 50 million transatlantic airline flights.

Although living and working means emitting some form of carbon into the atmosphere, businesses and workers are now taking notice and trying to do all they can to reduce their carbon footprint each working day.

In response, global-conferencing leader InterCall has created a new online community,, to serve as a guide and forum for workers who want to cut back on environmental impacts, waste and expense. The Website offers a more rational approach to how professionals can cut back on common work practices that contribute more carbon than necessary.

It’s no surprise, since InterCall is behind the venture, that conferencing becomes a very viable alternative practice for significantly reducing harmful greenhouse gases. “The goal of is not only to provide information about how to have “green meetings” via conferencing, but also to initiate a conversation among workers about many different environmentally-friendly practices as they go about their day in the office,” said Carolyn Campbell, Senior Director, Marketing Communications, InterCall. “ offers updated statistics, best-practices from other businesses and online forums and chats that enable workers to share and engage with one another.”

Features on include:

  • New business products and services to help Green your business;
  • A Green Quiz gauging how eco-savvy visitors are. A tree will be planted for every person that takes the quiz;
  • InterCall’s Green Blog raises hot topics about making workdays Green;
  • The latest articles and papers on taking a workplace Green;
  • Testimonials and case studies of companies that have an eco-conscience.

Can Conferencing save the world by replacing all business travel? Probably not on its own, but by taking simple steps to curb common workplace practices, businesses can reduce their carbon emissions significantly.

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