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Nearly half of workers would ditch a conference call to watch March Madness
USA Today MoneyMarch 19, 2015
Your colleagues are supposed to be working, of course. But instead of being productive and responsible workplace citizens, the guys—it’s mostly 30-somethings men–have one eye, maybe both, on the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament that tipped off today.

All Work and Some Play: A Guide To Gamification In Workplace Training
Skilledup.comMarch 19, 2015
Gamification has been in the spotlight for a few years now, more than long enough for the public's love affair with the gaming elements of points, badges and leaderboards to curdle. But while gamification is falling in mainstream popularity, it is picking up steam in the workplace.

Telework Means Snow Days Are No Reason to Miss Work
BiztechMagazine.comFebruary 11, 2015
A new survey shows that snow days can be just as productive as regular working days.
When we were kids, a snow day meant a reprieve from work and a day of play. As an adult, snow days don’t pan out quite the same. In addition to shoveling the driveway, most employees are expected to continue their work in some form or fashion, thanks in large part to the rise of teleworking.

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