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How to use video to improve IT recruiting
www.cio.comJuly 13, 2015
Video may have killed the radio star, but it's reinvigorating tired and time-consuming hiring practices to increase efficiency and boost the quality of IT talent.

Nearly half of workers would ditch a conference call to watch March Madness
USA Today MoneyMarch 19, 2015
Your colleagues are supposed to be working, of course. But instead of being productive and responsible workplace citizens, the guys—it’s mostly 30-somethings men–have one eye, maybe both, on the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament that tipped off today.

All Work and Some Play: A Guide To Gamification In Workplace Training
Skilledup.comMarch 19, 2015
Gamification has been in the spotlight for a few years now, more than long enough for the public's love affair with the gaming elements of points, badges and leaderboards to curdle. But while gamification is falling in mainstream popularity, it is picking up steam in the workplace.

Telework Means Snow Days Are No Reason to Miss Work
BiztechMagazine.comFebruary 11, 2015
A new survey shows that snow days can be just as productive as regular working days.
When we were kids, a snow day meant a reprieve from work and a day of play. As an adult, snow days don’t pan out quite the same. In addition to shoveling the driveway, most employees are expected to continue their work in some form or fashion, thanks in large part to the rise of teleworking.

4 Ways to Make Conference Calls Less Terrible
Harvard Business ReviewJanuary 28, 2015
No one wants to sit on a boring conference call, especially when they have other work to do. But that’s the reality for a lot of people, at least according to recent InterCall research on the rise of mobile conference calls and employee conferencing behavior.

SaaS Catches Up With Corporate Training Needs
saasintheenterprise.comSeptember 26, 2014
Corporations began to neglect workforce training when the era of lifelong employment waned. The high costs of human face-to-face training became difficult to justify as labor turnover increased over time.

How to Hold a Productive Meeting Even When You’re Out of the Office
foxbusiness.comSeptember 26, 2014
Many employees can now work from anywhere thanks to technological advancements and employers being more receptive to telecommuting. But just because workers have more mobility, doesn’t mean everyplace can be turned into a meeting room (we’ve all heard the person in the bathroom taking a work-related call).

Wall Street Journal Radio interview with Rob Bellmar
Wall Street Journal RadioSeptember 25, 2014
Audio of Wall Street Journal Radio interview with Rob Bellmar.

13 Things to Do on a Conference Call
networkworld.comSeptember 25, 2014
Chances are good you've become adept at working remotely and taking part in conferences from your home or mobile offices. Chances are even better you've discovered creative ways to multitask. However, if you need some inspiration, check out these 13 real-world examples of workers who live on the edge during conference calls.

Just-In-Time Technology Solutions
trainingmag.comSeptember 23, 2014
We watch TV programs sans commercials “on demand” and have instant access to information 24/7 via the Web. Today’s employees want that same flexibility when it comes to training.

Make Your Meeting Go Viral
mpiweb.orgSeptember 17, 2014
In today’s social media-driven environment, organic viral activity surrounding an event can have an impact far beyond what the most carefully orchestrated marketing campaign can achieve. It can give a huge boost to attendance, promote the organization’s brand, extend the meeting’s impact and build excitement for future events.

Preferred Conferencing Solutions in the Workplace
softwareadvice.comSeptember 17, 2014
Videoconferencing has now been thoroughly assimilated into unified communications (UC) systems, which integrate business communications to provide a more dynamic user experience.

Is Your Firm Ready for the Mobile Revolution?
slate.comSeptember 17, 2014
One in five employees now works primarily remotely, and according to one study, the mobile global workforce is expected to increase 33 percent over the next four years, from 1.26 billion to 1.67 billion.

What People Are Doing on a Conference Call
MarketWatchSeptember 12, 2014
MarketWatch radio interview with Rob Bellmar.

How to wow an online job interviewer
FortuneSeptember 11, 2014
Virtual career fairs are a lot like the traditional kind, but the differences are important. Here’s how to get ready.

Communicating to engage: 'Artful conversation at work'
ExaminerSeptember 9, 2014
‘Work is a state-of-mind, not a state-of-being.’ Rob Bellmar, Executive Vice President, Conferencing and Collaboration, InterCall.

The Sad Truth About Conference Call Behavior (and How to Fix it)
IncAugust 22, 2014
Instead of paying attention, your employees are eating, falling asleep, doing unrelated work -- or even going to the bathroom.

What People Are Really Doing When They’re on a Conference Call
Harvard Business ReviewAugust 19, 2014
If you’re reading this while on a conference call — perhaps even in the loo — you’re not alone.

Video Interviews: 6 Mistakes To Avoid
informationweek.comAugust 4, 2014
Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular with hiring managers, but they can pose some unique challenges. Here's how to nail your next one.

4 Metrics You Need to Track During Your Next Virtual Event
MeetingsNet.comJune 30, 2014
Planners often judge their virtual events to be successful based on the number of attendees they attract. While attendance does play an important role, there are other aspects of an online event that you also should consider when determining its overall impact.

From Soup to Nuts: 2014 Virtual Event Cookbook
The MarketingScopeJune 26, 2014
Over the past few years Virtual Environments have emerged as a new channel for companies to connect with increasingly larger audiences on their virtual engagement platforms, regardless of time and location.

Onboarding Options When Face-To-Face Onboarding Is Not An Option
www.forbes.comJune 24, 2014
Relationship building is an essential part of onboarding. The most essential relationship is the one between an employee and his or her boss. The strongest relationships are built with face-to-face interactions.

5 Ways to Make Telecommuters and Remote Workers Feel Included
CIOJune 19, 2014
By now the benefits of telecommuting and remote work should be obvious. Increased employee engagement and loyalty, reduced infrastructure costs and more efficient operational expenses, to name just a few.

4 Unconventional Places to Find Your Next Employee
Business News DailyMay 12, 2014
Every company wants to find the best candidates for its job openings. For startups with a small budget, finding the perfect fit is even more important — with the time and monetary investments required to bring in a new employee, they really can't afford a bad hire.

3 Alternatives to Hosting an IT Career Fair
FierceCIOMay 7, 2014
Anyone who has attended a career fair can attest to one commonality: they are usually not very enjoyable experiences. Think of how awful it is cramming into a hot, stuffy room with a throng of eager job hunters competing for your attention.

5 Video Conferencing Nightmares You Don’t Want To Happen To You
The MarketingScopeApril 22, 2014
While it’s always ideal to meet face-to-face, sometimes it’s just not possible. This, along with cost-savings initiatives, is leading more organizations to turn to video conferencing when they need to spread information quickly and efficiently to an audience that’s located around the globe.

3D games boost employee engagement and learning
Tech Page OneApril 21, 2014
When the U.S. Navy needed to train some 40,000 recruits each year to respond to damage onboard ships, it turned to serious 3D games and simulations. By training in a 3D virtual environment, the experience is more “real” and emotionally engaging, which stimulates learning.

10 Collaboration Tools for Small Business
Business News DailyApril 3, 2014
InterCall's Unified Meeting 5 is mentioned by Business News Daily in an article about collaboration tools for small business.

Tweeting to Win: 3 March Madness Social Media Lessons
Business News DailyApril 1, 2014

How to Make Meetings More Productive
CIO MagazineMarch 13, 2014
With the right collaboration tools and an open-minded management team, the phrase 'productive meeting' doesn't have to be an oxymoron.

Avoid 3 Awkward Webcasting Moments
EXPO WebMarch 7, 2014
Online video is a cost-effective and engaging tool, but speakers and preseters must be properly prepared.

6 Ways to Prepare Your CEO for Video
The MarketingScopeJanuary 15, 2014
At the enterprise level, online video is quickly becoming one of the most widely used marketing strategies. Therefore, CEOs are more excited than ever to get in front of the camera, share information and demonstrate their thought leadership.

Q&A with InterCall regarding Blue Jeans Network integration
IT Business NetNovember 13, 2013
Explain the deal with Blue Jeans Network that you are announcing. InterCall is announcing the integration of Blue Jeans Network video with our Reservationless-Plus audio conferencing platform.

Blue Jeans Network Sets New Standard for Business Collaboration
TMC NewsNovember 13, 2013
Blue Jeans Network, the global leader in interoperable video collaboration services, today announced that it has expanded its award winning video-centric collaboration service with several new enhancements that better integrate audio participants, round out web conferencing and content sharing capabilities, and expand the reach of the service to Android-based mobile devices.

Business without Barriers: The Collaboration Economy, Part 2
Telecom ResellerOctober 23, 2013
In part one  we took a look at how work is viewed differently by many members of the C-suite as compared to Millennials. We also touched on how these views can create barriers in business which place limits on success. Now let’s focus on how collaboration can help.

Why You Should Rethink Your Business Communications Strategy
Chief MarketerSeptember 26, 2013
When you are comparing enterprise business communications systems, it's easy to get caught up in all the specifications, features and glitzy demos provided by different vendors.

Business without Barriers: The Collaboration Economy, Part 1
Telecom ResellerSeptember 16, 2013
“I’m going to work.” No phrase probably underscores the fundamental shift that is occurring in business right now than those four simple words.  To senior management and the C-suite, calling out that phrase brings to mind a commute and a destination, with offices or cubicles, desks and chairs, tools and equipment, other people and whatever else makes up a traditional workplace.

Clarifying the Cloud Decision
Unified Communications StrategiesSeptember 11, 2013
Clouds have always held a special fascination for mankind. They’ve acted as vehicles of imagination, encouraging us to wonder what we see hidden in their ever-evolving shapes. For many, clouds hold an association with the divine while for others, they are strictly a practical phenomenon – will I need an umbrella?

West IP Communications deployment at St. Elizabeth Physicians
Cincinnati Business CourierSeptember 5, 2013

Best of Elearning! 2013 Award-Winners Named
ELearning!August 29, 2013
Elearning! Media Group announced the Best of Elearning! 2013 award-winners at the Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo, held at the Anaheim Convention Center, August 26-28, 2013. Recipients are chosen by Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines’ readers and community members via an open-ended online ballot posted at

Mobilizing Your Company to Attract Better Talent
Social Barrel Blog August 25, 2013
When most of us think about “mobile marketing,” the image that comes to mind is reaching out to mobile devices to try to sell our organizations’ goods or services. Yet there is another, less talked-about, application of mobile marketing that can be just as critical to an organization’s long-term health: marketing its use of mobile technologies and “mobile-friendliness” to attract top talent.

Know the Why and the What Solves Itself
Channel PartnersAugust 21, 2013
In his best-selling book "Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action," Simon Sinek provides some insight into the power of putting your purpose first. "People don't buy what you do," he contends. "They buy why you do it."

WDM InterCall MobileMeet
Wireless Dealer MagazineJune 16, 2013
With this cool business users app, users are able to invite international participants with automatically inserted international dial-in numbers on the fly, add participants via SMS, email "Call Now," and manage and schedule meetings for multiple accounts through one smartphone app!

Virtual Event Technologies Make a Big Impact in a Small World
Wired MagazineJune 12, 2013
“Small world.” We say that phrase all the time when we are talking to a friend who knows our cousin that lives in another state, or we happen to bump into someone from our home town while on vacation in another country. But nowhere has the concept of the world having shrunk become more obvious than in the business world.

Raise Efficiency with Online Tools
Idaho Business ReviewJune 12, 2013
Towers Watson, a global professional services company, says it uses InterCall for interactive webcasts and teleconferences, and InterCall is the collaboration tool most widely used by the company on a daily basis, along with Microsoft Lync.

Virtual Tech Alters 21st Century Corporate Learning
Training MagazineJune 12, 2013
Technology has altered the reality of today’s learners. The evidence is all around us. Employees (students), both young and old, constantly have their noses buried in large and small screens, often at the same time.

7 Reasons Virtual Conferences Will Transform Industries Worldwide
The Huffington PostJune 11, 2013
Until a couple of years ago, I never seriously considered attending or launching a virtual conference. It seemed to me that I would miss out on the main benefits that I found in face-to-face conferences - networking, meeting new people and enjoying the exhibit hall browsing experience. But after attending and later exhibiting at Campus Technology's virtual conference, my perception started to change, and we subsequently decided to try hosting one at my company, Kaltura.

Take a Slow and Steady Approach to Unified Communications Cloud Deployment
IT Business EdgeApril 23, 2013
Arthur Cole spoke with James Whitemore, executive vice president, West IP Communications.

No More Bored Meetings
Training MagazineApril 3, 2013
It might be time for a training refresher on how to run, and participate in, an effective meeting.

Your business isn't too small or too local for hackers
Daily Herald Business LedgerMarch 15, 2013
As a small or medium-sized company doing business regionally, you probably think you're too small to have your conference system hacked by international criminals.

Wainhouse Summit 2013 report: VC peaks out
AV InteractiveMarch 15, 2013
Video conferencing hardware sales are down, but Wainhouse’s annual collaboration summit looked forward to a world of mobile apps and video streaming. Peter Lloyd was there.

Global Conferencing Challenges: Why It Can't Be the Same Everywhere
Channel PartnersMarch 11, 2013
The global market for audio conferencing will hit $5.5 billion in 2015, up from $5 billion in 2010. Much of that growth will come from emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and Central and South America, each of which is projected to rise at a minimum compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4 percent, while certain regions will hit a torrid 8 percent growth rate.

High-End Audio Outfit Lowers TCO with West's Hosted UC Solution
Internet TelephonyFebruary 4, 2013

Introducing InterCall: Podcast
TelecomResellerJanuary 14, 2013
Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, InterCall offers telephony, messaging, conferencing and collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes, from large global enterprises to small or regional companies.

Virtual Technology Alters the Reality of 21st-Century Corporate Learning
Elearning! MagazineJanuary 8, 2013
There’s little doubt that technology has altered the reality of today’s learners. All you have to do is look around you. This generation of learners is used to being highly stimulated by technology every waking minute of their lives.

It's Not the '80s, Dude
Mobile EnterpriseDecember 26, 2012
Glam rock videos, Miami Vice and mullets — all things that were popular in the 1980s but are past their prime. To that list you should add traditional conference calls where everyone gathered around a table and shouted into the phone.

Improve Online Events by Tracking Attendee Behavior
Chief Marketer MagazineDecember 14, 2012
By tracking and analyzing behavioral data gathered during webcasts and in virtual environments you’ll be able to “hear” what your customers and prospects really think loud and clear.

For Productivity, Unified Meetings Beat 1980's-style Conference Calls
Technology Marketing CorporationDecember 12, 2012
Cloud-based unified meetings offer a number of productivity advantages over their ‘80s predecessors.

6 Startup Events and News to Watch This Week
Young EntrepreneurDecember 10, 2012
Fitness guru and best-selling author Jake Steinfeld, of Body By Jake fame will at 1 p.m. Eastern on December 14, will share his strategies for success with small businesses.

Intercall Unveils Mobilemeet For Iphone, Android Smartphones
Channel Partners MagazineDecember 6, 2012
Conferencing provider InterCall announced Thursday the release of its new mobile application, MobileMeet, available for all iPhones at the Apple App Store and for Android OS 2.2 or newer at Google Play.

10 Tips to Turn Webinars Into Masterpieces
Target Marketing MagazineNovember 21, 2012
10 tips will help ensure your webinars grab the attendees' attention, holds it throughout the presentation and deliver the insights they're looking for.

Webcasting Best Practices [Infographic]
Channel Marketer ReportNovember 20, 2012
Webcasts and webinars are valuable resources for vendors to educate partners on marketing and sales strategies. Moreover, these easy to digest video segments allow both vendors and their partners to educate end-users on industry trends, pain points, and solutions that address company wants and needs.

Wainhouse Research - Avaya Aura Drumbeat, Virtualization, West IP Communications
Wainhouse ResearchAugust 7, 2012
Marc Beattie, WR Managing Partner, recently sat down wth Bob Wise to discuss the UC&C markets and West IP Communications. - page 6

InterCall's e-Commerce Portal
Business Tech EdgeJuly 12, 2012
InterCall announces the availability of Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools to small business through its e-commerce portal.

Hosting a Town Hall Meeting for Employees? Get Political
Society for Human Resource ManagementJuly 9, 2012
Eric Vidal answers the question: What can Politicians teach business leaders about town hall meetings with employees?

InterCall’s eCommerce Portal Offers Microsoft Office 365 to Small Businesses
ESB JournalJuly 4, 2012
InterCall®, a subsidiary of West Corporation and the world’s largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, announced today the availability of Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools to small businesses through its eCommerce portal.

Tips for Creating a Blockbuster Virtual Environment
Corporate Meetings NetworkJuly 3, 2012
Rather than settling for the same old, same old, i.e. an ordinary office building or convention centre, why not think outside the boundaries of reality and create a virtual environment that transports your visitors somewhere they’ve never been (but would love to go)?

Virtual Career Fairs: A Game-Changer
Talent ManagementJune 20, 2012
A virtual format offers a cost-cutting boost to the traditional career fair. This recruiting platform also increases the available leads and data.

Virtual Trade Shows Get Real
MeetingSource.comJune 20, 2012
It’s a well-known fact that you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to advance your organization's agenda - you just need to know how to cooperate with those who do some things better than you. This is what trade shows and conferences are all about.

With Cloud Computing, the Forecast is for Ongoing Engagement
AVNetworkJune 7, 2012
Perhaps we won’t be going back to the moon anytime soon, but we are definitely headed to the cloud. With clouds rolling in to capture videoconferencing, control, design, and integration applications, what is the forecast for traditional AV, in the short term and in the future?

InterCall’s eCommerce Portal Offers Microsoft Office 365 to Small Businesses
Smallbiztechnology.comJune 7, 2012
InterCall®, a subsidiary of West Corporation and the world’s largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, announced today the availability of Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools to small businesses through its eCommerce portal.

When Telecommuting is More Than Just a Phone Call
GCNJune 5, 2012
We all know that telecommuting can be a pretty efficient way to do business, but only if it’s managed correctly. And employees need to be able to communicate as effectively outside of the office as they can when sitting around the conference room.

InterCall Aims Office 365 Integration at Small Businesses
FierceEnterprise CommunicationsJune 4, 2012
It has been almost one year since Microsoft formally launched its Office 365 cloud platform, so that makes it a good time to take a closer look at how partners are adapting that platform to connect to different segments of the market.

Costs, Cloud and Connectivity Drive Strong Growth in Videoconferencing Market
TMCnetJune 4, 2012
High costs would plague video communications for decades, especially in the business world, and to this day, the technology is still not considered mainstream. But that is all beginning to change, due to a variety of converging factors.

The IT Bill of Rights
ANSWERStatJune 1, 2012
If your enterprise is spending thousands, or even millions, of dollars with cloud communications service providers you are entitled to the best service and solutions possible. If you are struggling to understand the entitlement your organization has with providers, this list of the “IT Bill of Rights” should be helpful.

Human Resources a Whole New Game with Virtual Environments - Part 3
HRPSMay 23, 2012

Communications Provider InterCall Offers MS Office 365
Talkin' CloudMay 22, 2012

InterCall Offers Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Tools to SMBs
ChannelproMay 21, 2012

UC as a Service Helps Resellers to Design Better Business Continuity Planning
Telecom Reseller UC NetworksMay 21, 2012

Virtual Environments: The Future of HR?
Talent ManagementMay 11, 2012

TMCnet Conferencing Week in Review
TMCnetApril 27, 2012
InterCall and Blue Jeans Network made our first news item of the week, getting together to offer a cloud-based conferencing service that allows for video and audio conferencing together in one platform.

Enterprise wish list: Video conferencing interoperability
Search Unified CommunicationsApril 26, 2012

Blue Jeans Intros the MCU Alternative to Video Conferencing
TMCnetApril 23, 2012

Human Resources a Whole New Game with Virtual Environments - Part Two
HRPSApril 17, 2012

InterCall, Blue Jeans Network Form Conferencing Partnership
Channel PartnersApril 16, 2012
Under a new partnership, InterCall will offer Blue Jeans Network's service to its customers, supplementing InterCall's portfolio of audio and Web conferencing services with Blue Jeans' multi-party video conferencing.

Virtual environments: The Avatar approach to employee relations
Wiley Online LibraryApril 13, 2012

The new playbook
B to B MagazineApril 9, 2012
IBM Inc. produced more than 200 interactive online events last year, carrying marketing messages, educational sessions and expert advice to global audiences via a digital channel it calls the IBM Global Virtual Events Center.

The IT Bill of Rights for Law Firms Getting into Cloud Communications
FindLawApril 3, 2012
In today's innovative and always-on society, communications service providers have never been more equipped to deliver a great customer experience to law firms, especially in the cloud.

"What's Up with the Kids These Days?" Keys to Managing Your Millenial Employees
HRPSApril 3, 2012
For the first time in history, four generations are present in the workplace. Each has their own skill set, communication styles, work habits, and values which inevitably clash and create a challenging dynamic for traditionalists, boomers, generation X-ers, and millennials alike.

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Online Education Program
CollaborateApril 1, 2012
Hybrid meetings seem might seem like a new trend in the industry, but this capability has been around for at least a decade. Medical meetings were among the first to use the concept.

Hosted Voip's Victory?
Channel PartnersMarch 20, 2012
IP PBX vendor ShoreTel's Feb. 1 announcement that it plans to acquire hosted communications company M5 Networks for $160 million.

The IT Bill of Rights
TheCloudMarch 8, 2012
In today’s innovative and always-on society, communications service providers have never been more equipped to deliver a great customer experience, especially in the cloud. Yet man providers continue to experience customer churn due to poor processes, overhyped technology and bad customer service.

Winners of the 2011 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award Announced
Technology Marketing CorporationFebruary 24, 2012
TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, today announced the winners of its Fifth Annual Unified Communications Product of the Year Awards.

InterCall Updates Webcasting Solution
The Webinar BlogFebruary 23, 2012
InterCall announced a new release of InterCall Webcast Studio, their platform designed for large audience web broadcasts incorporating streaming audio and video.

InterCall Updates Webcast Studio
ChannelPro NetworkFebruary 22, 2012
InterCall, a collaboration and conferencing provider, is offering a new release of its webcasting platform, InterCall Webcast Studio.

InterCall Releases Webcast Studio for 'Thousands Of Participants'
Channel PartnersFebruary 21, 2012
Conferencing and collaboration services provider InterCall on Tuesday released its webcasting platform.

InterCall Reservationless-Plus Conferencing: Your Conference Calls Just Got Better
The iPad FanFebruary 5, 2012
Recently we profiled a tremendous, free, app for using Microsoft Lync online on the go, but there’s a way to further enhance productivity when using the app and your iPad. Add InterCall Reservationless-Plus Conferencing.

Training Corporate Workers Like Fighter Pilots
Training MagazineFebruary 2, 2012
Thanks to new, easier-to-use technologies, virtual environments now may be used for a variety of purposes inside and outside the enterprise.

Making Unified Communications Truly Unified
AnswerStatFebruary 1, 2012
A hosted application-aware network makes it possible to deliver true unified communications and improved network performance while still using legacy technologies.

Case Study: Univision achieves international connectivity, communications with InterCall
Telecom ResellerJanuary 25, 2012
In December, 2010, Univision went live with InterCall’s Reservationless-Plus® conferencing with Global Network Access and InterCall Unified Meeting for all employees.

3 Key Considerations for Healthcare Facilities Before Moving to the Cloud
HealthNewsDigest.comJanuary 25, 2012
The cloud. It seems like everyone is talking about how all business computing- including that of healthcare facilities- is moving to the cloud, and there is certainly an element of truth to that.

Growth of Cloud-based Communications Services
Virtual-Strategy MagazineJanuary 11, 2012
Like 2011, next year will be a year of continued awareness and adoption at the enterprise level for cloud-based services, and this includes the migration of communications services.

A Look Ahead at Unified Communications Software
Unified Communications SoftwareJanuary 9, 2012
New technologies emerging in the communications space have helped to drive the demand for Unified Communications software solutions.

Are Your Unified Communications Truly Unified?
Channel Vision MagazineJanuary 1, 2012
IT and telecom officials at many large to medium enterprise (LME) companies today still struggle to decide whether to make the move into unified communications.

Unification Wins
ChannelVision MagazineJanuary 1, 2012
It may sound a bit confusing, but nearly half of today’s businesses are willing to spend money on unified communications, even though many of them don’t know what they are getting.

Why Law Firms Should Send Telecom to the Cloud Now
International Law Technology AssociationDecember 28, 2011
Today, every billable hour counts. A law firm cannot afford to be inaccessible to its clients, principals, material witnesses, industry experts or internal subject-matter experts.

The best of Legal IT Professionals
 Legal IT ProfessionalsDecember 28, 2011
“Five key considerations for law firms before moving to the cloud” was among the top five most read guest columns on the Legal IT Professionals blog in 2011.

How Virtual Environments Are Changing the Face of Business
American Marketing AssociationDecember 5, 2011
Eric Vidal will explain how virtual environments have evolved from early iterations, where the focus seemed to be more about making the avatar fly or jump around the room, to the business value they are delivering today.

Mobile Mania Spurs Demand For Unified Communications
Computerworld Inc.November 30, 2011
In the space of just the past few years, Art Johnston has gone from thinking of unified communications as optional to viewing it as "a strategy that we need to implement to be competitive."

Law Firm Network Decision
The Lawyer's PCOctober 15, 2011
As law firms look to move more of their applications to the cloud, they’re finding that their networks simply aren’t prepared to handle the increase in network traffic.

The Future Is Now: Virtual Office Reality
Success MagazineOctober 1, 2011
Once considered science fiction, virtual meetings are very much a reality today.

5 Tips on Using Virtual Events to Generate Leads and Connect with Customers
60 Second MarketerSeptember 7, 2011
Budget cuts, travel restrictions, delayed buying decisions all add up to dwindling pipelines. And with a limited ability to allocate money to lead generation, the emphasis is now on marketing tactics that can deliver high-quality leads cost-effectively.

Launch pad: GreenBiz leverages virtual event technology for physical event
BtoB Business Media September 6, 2011
Eric Faurot, president of GreenBiz Group, did not want to introduce the company's newest event property as a traditional trade show.

6 Questions On Social Media and Virtual Environments
Business 2 CommunityAugust 25, 2011

Virtual Worlds: Immersive Training, Collaboration and Meetings
Gigaom.comJune 1, 2011
Are virtual worlds really viable environments for work? According to a survey by Unisfair, a global provider of virtual events and business environments, usage of virtual environments is growing for marketing, training and collaboration.

InterCall Conferencing Services Keeps Businesses Running During Storms
Telepresence Community- www.TMCnet.comFebruary 11, 2011
InterCall conducted a survey of its customers and concluded that the storms that occurred in the United States in January on the 12th and 27th resulted in over 3.3 million InterCall conferencing minutes in the northeastern region of the nation.

Northeast Workers vs. The Weather: Workers Win and Stay Connected
Digital Journal - www.digitaljournal.comFebruary 9, 2011
Despite crippling weather conditions, school closures, thousands of canceled flights and treacherous roads forcing people to stay at home...

Scott Etzler evaluates opportunities to grow InterCall
Smart Business - www.sbnonline.comOctober 1, 2010
Reporter Brooke Bates interviews Scott Etzler, President of InterCall, detailing his stategic decision making process toward InterCall's growth opportunities in the global collaboration and conferencing market.

InterCall Launches Video Streaming
Business Video – TMCNetAugust 25, 2010
Streaming video provides a powerful collaboration tool, enabling participants to see and hear information that is presented in such a way that grabs their attention and focus.

InterCall Makes Streaming Interactive
Phone PlusAugust 25, 2010
Conferencing provider InterCall announced this week the launch of a new communications and collaboration tool that enables streaming events to be more interactive, flexible and mobile by integrating mobile technologies, SMS polling and social media functionality.

InterCall offering looks to replace live training
Connected PlanetAugust 25, 2010
Conferencing provider InterCall hopes its InterCall Streaming Webinar technology announced this week will spur more enterprise users to view webinars as an alternative to live training.

Rules of thumb
New York PostJune 28, 2010
By 10:30 on a Friday night, the workweek is a distant memory for many employees, whether they’re out blowing off steam or home getting some well-earned rest. But not for “Sara,”...

Does Social Media Make Taking Time Off Harder?
eMarketerMay 28, 2010
Summer is almost here, and that means vacation time for many US employees. Or does it?

Economic Slump Boosts Need to Connect With Work
PCMAG.COMApril 28, 2010
If you're been wondering why the urge to clutch your corporate BlackBerry 24/7 has become increasingly intense, blame it on the economic downturn.

InterCall on SMB Unified Communications Services
Brockmann & CompanyApril 26, 2010
The global conferencing company, InterCall, announced an important element of the company's unified communications strategy on April 26, 2010.

Work-Life Balance Digitally Destroyed: One in Three Permanently Connected to Employer
Fast CompanyApril 21, 2010
If you're the sort who takes a sneaky peek at your work email on your BlackBerry while in the bar with pals in the evening, don't feel too guilty.

Always On: One Third of Employees Feel the Need to Stay Connected 24/7
ReadWriteWebApril 21, 2010
For a lot of us, the Internet has made it possible to work from anywhere and connect to work at any time. Without a doubt, this 24/7 connectivity is both a blessing and a curse.

The CN Interview with Ben Chodor of Stream57/InterCall
Conferencing NewsApril 19, 2010
Interview with Ben Chodor, president of Stream57, which was recently acquired by InterCall, about the acquisition, product offering and future of streaming.

Selling the Conferencing Services Continuum
PHONE+ MagazineApril 8, 2010
Conferencing services run the gamut, from low-touch, self-service offerings to high-touch operator-assisted services or managed services.

West Corporation to Bolster Unified Communications Offering with Acquisition of SKT Business Communication Solutions
West CorporationMarch 22, 2010
West Corporation, a leading provider of technology-driven, voice-oriented solutions, today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire SKT Business Communication Solutions...

The Nuances of Video on the Network
IT Business EdgeFebruary 4, 2010
One piece of conventional IT wisdom these days holds that IT organizations will soon have to upgrade their network infrastructure to accommodate rapidly increasing amounts of video traffic.

It's O.K. to Not Be There
BusinessWeekNovember 24, 2009
How many times have you flown to a meeting to help close a deal, build relationships with partners, or connect face-to-face with a customer? Without dismissing in-person interaction, there is something to be said for today's technologies that enable fast, affordable interaction without the travel.

Frost & Sullivan Names InterCall Asia Pacific Conferencing Service Provider of the Year
ReutersJune 16, 2009
For the second consecutive year, InterCall - the world's largest conferencing and collaboration services provider - has been named Frost & Sullivan's 2009 Conferencing and Collaboration Service Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific.

InterCall Lets Users Rock Out While on Hold
Phone+June 4, 2009
InterCall is introducing what it deems an industry-first experience designed to change the way customers think about waiting on hold – InterCall Lounge.

InterCall One Touch Conferencing To-Go Now Available for BlackBerry Smartphones
AOL money & financeMay 13, 2009
InterCall, the world's largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, today announced that Mobile Assistant, its application that makes conferencing on-the-go as simple as pressing one button on a BlackBerry(R) smartphone, is available for immediate download on BlackBerry App World(TM)

Dupee Shapes New Philosophy at InterCall
Phone+May 12, 2009
After three years as CEO at Copper Conferencing, Brad Dupee left the company to join InterCall in February as regional vice president of channel sales, presiding over global channel sales, which currently includes North America and EMEA.

IM still on the down-low
itWorldCanadaMarch 12, 2009
InterCall Inc., a Chicago-based conferencing solution provider, claims that, among its customers, instant messaging has moved from being a consumer pastime to being sanctioned and recognized as a tool in the enterprise setting.

InterCall partners with Huddle
CNET NewsFebruary 11, 2009
InterCall, the world's largest conferencing provider, plans on giving all of its customers an account with social collaboration service Huddle...

Huddle and InterCall partner to mix collaboration and conference calls
The Industry StandardFebruary 11, 2009
Today Huddle announced a partnership with InterCall, the phone and Web conferencing provider that claims to be the world's largest, with an 80 percent adoption rate among Fortune 500 companies.

Huddle inks deal with InterCall, adding a million potential users
TechCrunchFebruary 11, 2009
InterCall, the world’s largest conferencing provider, is to give each of their 1 million customers an account with Huddle...

Huddle offers conferencing link with InterCall
ComputerWeekly.comFebruary 11, 2009
Huddle, the collaboration platform that uses the LinkedIn social networking service, has tied up with conferencing company InterCall to provide subscribers with unified collaboration, communication and social networking.

Little Huddle achieves global reach with InterCall partnership
the NEXT webFebruary 11, 2009

IMS & Next-Gen Networks: The Year in Review and What's Ahead
TMCnet.comJanuary 14, 2009

Review: 3 videoconferencing services pick up where your travel budget leaves off
ComputerworldJanuary 6, 2009
Business trips no longer on the agenda? These three services can help you stay on a face-to-face basis with your colleagues.

Frost & Sullivan Commends InterCall's Implementation of Expansive Growth Strategies in the Conferencing Services Market
NewswireTodayDecember 16, 2008

The Spread of Telepresence Tech, Part 2: Ramping Up
E-Commerce TimesJune 24, 2008

InterCall Helps Workforce Become Greener
Green Technology WorldNovember 9, 2007

VoIP Conferencing Solutions Provider InterCall Using Ditech's Voice Quality Solution to Improve QoS
TMCnetNovember 7, 2007

Ready for the Fall? Pulling Through a Rocky Market
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Technology puts work back in Labor Day
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Sister Reunites with Brother via Video
Elkhart CountyJuly 17, 2007

After Almost 30 years, 90-year-old Siblings Reunite via Video Conference
Daily Mountain EagleJuly 16, 2007

Aging Siblings Spend Time Together Thanks to Technology
South BendJuly 14, 2007

Telecommuting has Mass Appeal
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InterCall Connects long lost siblings
USA RadioMay 25, 2007

"Telecommuters" increase their numbers and become major factor in the work force
KOA-AMMay 25, 2007

Fitting In, Conferencing seeks place in Unified Communications World
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They're not just play things
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Web Conferencing
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Web, Phone Meetings Replace Some Business Trips
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Conferencing by Phone can save big bucks
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Conferencing Ease a Threat to Vendors
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Conferencing takes wing as travel option
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Click to Communicate
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InterCall provides web conferencing solution to streamline ongoing training
Communications NewsJune 7, 2006

InterCall offers desktop videoconferencing through Microsoft Office Live Meeting
The Wainhouse Research BulletinJune 1, 2006

Non-Profits Are in the “Top 10 List” of Organizations That Use Conference Calling
Contributions MagazineMay 1, 2006

PodCasting Your Meetings
KUSA - DenverApril 4, 2006

Ready or Not VOIP enabled Web conferencing makes headway
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West Corp. Named to Forbes Platinum 400 List
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Uptick In Teleconferencing Helps West Meet Its Goals
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