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Businesses Going Green Turn to Conferencing

America’s 130 million workers generate 1.68 metric tons of CO2 per year through commuting, business travel, computer use and other related activities. This led the founders of Esurance, an online auto insurance company, to launch the company with a rather demanding policy in place. Protect the environment by accounting for every pound of carbon it emits into the air.

Since 1999, Esurance has given customers an exclusively paperless, electronic experience. They also created a claims fleet of hybrid cars and purchased offsets for the electricity usage in each of its 11 offices.

However, when it came to business travel, the company needed a way to lessen its impact on the planet while being able to have critical face-to-face contact. This is when Esurance turned to the world’s largest conferencing service provider, InterCall, to set up audio, video and Web conferencing for its employees.

This one initiative alone has already prevented more than 18 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. And the solution was simple - holding video or audio conferences instead of driving.

Esurance isn’t the only company turning to conferencing to reduce their carbon footprint and business travel. In just the last year, the conferencing industry grew nearly 16 percent. Certainly, as the green movement expands, so is the conferencing industry. Power users of conferencing have also found an additional benefit. Traveling less allows employees to spend more time at home..

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