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Keep the Chit-Chat to Yourself

There’s no such thing as a private conversation when you’re in a group meeting, except when you’re using IM (Instant Messaging) on a conference call.

AAMOF (As a Matter of Fact), instant messaging has evolved from a social application for teenagers and college students to a method of coordinating group work online.

Because most workers are AATK (Always at the Keyboard), IM-ing has also become a first-choice method for having a private conversation.

It’s a polite way to get your .02 MY (Two Cents Worth) to another colleague during a conference call.

Individual P2P (Peer to Peer) dialogue also helps workers get clarification on an issue, answers to a question, and information such as who’s speaking next.

Also, using instant messaging on conference calls means never having to say EMFBI (Excuse Me for Butting In).

And let’s face it. To CSG (Chuckle, Snicker, Grin) in a face-to-face meeting would be rude.

However, when you’re on a conference call, you can tell other people you are RME (Rolling My Eyes) without hinting at the opposite.

If we haven’t loaded you down with TMI (Too Much Information), we’d be glad to connect you to experts in collaboration technologies

THNQ (Thank You) for your attention.

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