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Working from home or hardly working? - Jul 15, 2009
Keeping tabs on virtual employees is very different from keeping track of those who work next to you. And no wonder so many managers are being challenged by teleworkers...
Make Your Earnings Call Rise Above the Rest - Jul 15, 2009
With sometimes upwards of 1,000 participants, earnings announcement calls and Web conferences can be a company’s moment to shine...or a moment full of flubs that everyone wants to forget.
Top Five Reasons Conferencing Rules - May 19, 2009
In today’s world, many businesses are short on staff and tight on money.
Hit the Beach – Without Missing the Meeting - May 12, 2009
Surveys shows that 70 percent of employers plan to provide some kind of flexible options to their workers this summer, whether it’s in the form of alternate schedules, telecommuting, compressed workweeks, or summer hours.
Across the Pond Now Sounds Like Across the Room - May 5, 2009
In today’s global business environment, flying over the pond every other week isn’t always an option. But businesses need to keep the lines of communication open regardless of geographic barriers.
What’s Wrong With Your Webinar? - Apr 28, 2009
Getting people to sign up for a Webinar is the easy part – getting them to stay logged on and engaged is a whole other story.
Virtual Training 101 - Apr 15, 2009
Frost & Sullivan reported in 2008 that training, along with customer support and sales and marketing, represented 70 percent of all web conferencing usage. But even though online training is time- and cost-effective for many companies, it can be feel a little strange for first-timers who aren’t used to engaging and interacting without face-to-face contact.
Make Productivity a Priority - Apr 8, 2009
Companies today want to be lean and mean, and as they kick off the second quarter, they want to run their operations even better than last year, last quarter, last week. More and more are finding that conferencing is one tool in their toolkit to do that.
Nail the Virtual Interview - Apr 1, 2009
Research from the National Business Travel Association indicates that while travel budgets are being slashed, domestic business trips currently cost $140-$175 more than at the end of 2007. So many hiring managers are turning to the virtual interview as an easy and budget-friendly way to recruit, network, and meet new job candidates.
Don’t Get Tangled in Web Conferencing - Mar 17, 2009
Gartner Web research predicts that by 2011, web conferencing will be available to 75 percent of corporate users as part of collaborative technology and unified communications plans. Just in the past few years, web conferencing has grown vastly, and participants from across the world can now connect immediately in a single virtual meeting room.
Spring Into Efficiency with Conferencing - Mar 6, 2009
Research from Cisco reveals that on average, workers spend 15 minutes per day playing “phone tag” with customers and colleagues, and another 12 minutes setting up meetings by reaching out to their colleagues’ multiple devices.
The Difference Between Getting Messages and Getting the Message - Dec 29, 2008
A study by Harris Interactive showed that information workers receive on average 100 messages per day in as many as seven different places.
It’s Time to Unify - Dec 12, 2008
Research from Frost & Sullivan indicates that nearly two-thirds of business discussions involve more than two people, making conferencing distinctively appropriate for communication and collaboration.
IM: AFW or G2G? - Nov 21, 2008
Instant messaging is, as its name indicates, instant – it fosters quick answers to quick questions, decreasing the down time in communication and linking employees faster than ever.
Your Office…Virtually Anywhere - Oct 31, 2008
A recent survey indicated that 27 percent of employees telecommute at some point throughout the year. And that number is only expected to increase.
The Essentials of Virtual Party Planning - Oct 31, 2008
Planning a virtual event is not like planning an everyday, casual get together. But these pointers will help ensure your next virtual assembly is a positive experience for all...
Getting Started with Conferencing - Oct 31, 2008
The top benefit to using conferencing technologies? According to a Frost & Sullivan survey, it’s increased productivity. But that same survey also cites “lack of awareness” as the greatest barrier to using converged conferencing technologies.
Virtual Classroom Adds the Cool to School - Oct 31, 2008
Class is in virtual session for more companies around the world. In fact, according to a recent report by Global Industry Analysts Inc., spending on e-learning is expected to exceed $52.6 billion by 2010.
Maximize Sales Success with Web Conferencing - Sep 24, 2008
Amateur or pro, good sales people know their ABCs (always be closing) – but to do that, effective contact and communication are crucial. And the best sales teams are learning that hitting the road isn’t the only way to finalize a deal.
Avoid Conferencing Faux Pas - Sep 2, 2008
With conferencing ever evolving and becoming more advanced and easier to use, more people are jumping in on the virtual movement and shaping new high-tech etiquette.
Conferencing to Go - Sep 2, 2008
All the technology in the world can’t do anything about busy schedules – but it can help you work around them. Podcasting is emerging as a popular way to get in front of executives who can’t make a conference call, team members in other time zones who cannot attend a live meeting, and just about anyone else on the go.
What is UC and Who Uses It? - Aug 19, 2008
Although Unified Communications (UC) is a $40 billion market, most people still don’t know what it is, what it does, and why they should have it. According to a 2005 survey by Frost & Sullivan, workers aren’t aware of the benefits of Unified Communications.
Virtual Tools Creating Real Confusion for Business Travelers - Jul 31, 2008
Picking the right tools for the job can be difficult when there are many available. The same principle applies to virtual meeting tools, use this guide to help you decide which tools will be most effective for your meeting.
New Tools to Manage Large Conference Calls - Jun 21, 2008
Keep your large meetings efficient and organized with call management features and live operator assistance from InterCall.
InterCall Saves a Ton of Carbon on Zero Travel Day - Jun 7, 2008
InterCall saved over 2,0000 pounds of carbon in one work day by holding its first Zero Travel Day.
The Challenge of Managing Teleworkers - May 19, 2008
Keeping tabs on mobile employees is very different from keeping track of those that work next to you. No wonder so many managers are being challenged by the growing number of teleworkers.
Show of Hands Indicates Only 3 in 10 Know Employer’s Carbon Footprint - May 8, 2008
Only 31 percent of employees know their company's carbon footprint, according to a recent survey by InterCall, the world's largest conferencing and collaboration services provider. But that doesn't mean companies are ignoring their responsibility to the environment.
Businesses Going Green Turn to Conferencing - Apr 23, 2008
America’s 130 million workers generate 1.68 metric tons of CO2 per year through commuting, business travel, computer use and other related activities. This led the founders of Esurance, an online auto insurance company, to launch the company with a rather demanding policy in place.
Too Plugged In? Change How You’re Connected - Mar 19, 2008
As new forms of mobile communication emerge and become popular with workers, it becomes harder and harder for them to reach people. Modern workers have tools like SMS text, e-mail, BlackBerry, cell phone, fax, and even the old-fashioned Post-It Note.
Keep the Chit-Chat to Yourself - Feb 18, 2008
There’s no such thing as a private conversation when you’re in a group meeting, except when you’re using IM (Instant Messaging) on a conference call.
Easy Does It: Web Conferencing for Everyone - Feb 12, 2008
Application sharing, real-time polling, a virtual whiteboard – these wiz-bang gadgets can be overwhelming to first time Web conferencing users. And for the everyday business person who just wants to be productive, learning this new technology can seem like a daunting experience.
Execs Ditch Stock Options for “Flexibility” - Feb 5, 2008
What does it take to keep a star employee these days? Movers and shakers don’t want bigger salaries, stock options, or training like they used to, according to a recent survey by Watson Wyatt. The #1 employee retention tool is now flexibility - the ability to work according to the way we live.
Technology to Help You Beat Winter Traffic - Jan 28, 2008
It’s a winter wonderland out there, and no one knows that better than the thousands of Americans who were late for work this morning. Heavy snowfall is triggering car accidents as commuters disregard icy road conditions, causing the kind of traffic delays that only happen when Jack Frost comes to town.
Throw Away the Traditional Workweek: Telecommute - Oct 29, 2007
Nobody likes waste. U.S. residents, businesses, and institutions produced more than 245 million tons of garbage in 2005, which breaks down to 4.5 pounds of waste per person per day.
New Conferencing Technology Eliminates the Wait at Work - Oct 25, 2007
No one likes to wait - especially when they’re on the phone, or on the computer. In fact, up to one-half of computer users waste time on “frustrated experiences” relating to their technology.
Business Travelers, You’ve Been Busted - for Pollution - Oct 10, 2007
Business travelers are getting busted for pollution. The reason why is each time a jetsetter takes a round trip flight from Los Angeles to New York, they produce 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide. Drivers aren’t so innocent, either...
Four Days in the Office are Better than Five - Oct 5, 2007
Did you know the average commuter spends more time commuting each year than on vacation? All that time in traffic comes at a heavy cost. To be exact, $3.9 billion...
Summertime Telecommuting - May 17, 2007
Nearly 1 in 6 workers telecommute during the year. As more companies condone telecommuting and as high-speed bandwidth is more readily available, moving the family to a summer home for the season is a viable option.
Conferencing for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing - Apr 26, 2007
About 10 percent of the US population has some form of serious hearing loss, which can be a large number of employees in a major company.